Ontario's Largest Donor to Foodbanks Issues Important Correction Regarding Misinformation About Milk Surplus

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 19, 2015) - Dairy Farmers of Ontario wish the public to understand there is no dumping of raw milk taking place in Ontario or the rest of Canada.

Canadian dairy farmers, through Canada's dairy marketing system, are producing the right quantity of milk. An article appearing in today's Globe and Mail incorrectly suggests Canada's farmers are producing too much milk. That is simply not accurate. The Canadian dairy system is designed to assess market requirements and for farmers' milk production to meet those needs. Put simply, farmers are not producing too much milk for the Canadian market.

There has been a recent market shift that has led to increased demand for butter and cream. As the industry in Canada grows its dairy production to meet the change in consumer demands, there is currently an excess of non-fat solids that are by-products resulting from the increased demand for butterfat.

As the single largest donors to Ontario's foodbanks, donating almost 1 million litres per year, rest assured, if there was excess product to feed people in need, we would provide it. However, typically the current by-product is dried and used for animal feed.

Canada's dairy marketing system provides Canadians with the safest and highest quality milk. It also ensures farmers receive a fair price and have a hope for sustaining their livelihoods. Other dairy producing countries are suffering bankruptcies, failing farms, and struggling processors. This is an acute issue in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia - all countries that are vocal critics of Canada's dairy marketing system. Our politicians and pundits should not look at those systems with envy but rather with concern. It should make every Canadian proud that we have a system that protects consumers and ensures a healthy farming community at the same time.

Canada's dairy marketing system continues to evolve and modernize to recognize changes in the market and the realities of competing on a world stage. While we currently have some processing capacity limitations, we look forward to the continued opportunity to maintain Canada's leadership in the production of safe, high quality milk products and fair prices to consumers.

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