BEACONSFIELD, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 19, 2015) - Always attentive to the welfare and safety of Beaconsfield citizens, City Council passed two resolutions this week, one to contest the abolition of home mail delivery by Canada Post and the other to institute a better system of consultation for residents regarding installation of telecommunication antennas in residential areas and near parks.

"All changes that impact the daily life of citizens should be made with respect and transparency. Canada Post has unilaterally announced the abolition of home mail delivery, and telecommunication companies do not have to be accountable to cities or residents to install their equipment close to our homes and our parks ", said Mayor Georges Bourelle.

Beaconsfield, along with other cities, members of the Association of Suburban Municipalities, joined the legal procedures undertaken by Montreal, Laval and Longueuil against Canada Post to participate with the Union of Canada Post workers in opposition to this decision at the Federal Court.

In addition, a copy of the resolution requesting that the rules be more transparent for the implementation of telecommunications equipment was also sent to the Minister of Industry Canada, James Moore and to Francis Scarpaleggia, MP for Lac-Saint-Louis riding, which includes Beaconsfield. Moreover, in order to inform firms involved, a copy of the resolution was sent to Telus. The company recently decided to review its decision to install a new antenna in Beaconsfield given the fears of the citizens living nearby.

Rezoning removed

In line with its commitment to ensuring the social acceptability of the highway billboard project on Beaurepaire Drive, Mayor Bourelle and all Council members also terminated the project permanently removing the zoning change needed to allow it.

"We have always said that beyond the financial benefits, the project must have the community's support. We quickly realized that this was not the case. Out of respect for everyone, including the promoter, we carried out the democratic process, but soon we all came to the conclusion that the project was not acceptable. Even if the promoter has withdrawn, Council does not intend to pursue the matter with other firms. In these circumstances, and as promised, we have withdrawn the rezoning project. There will be no highway billboards in Beaconsfield ", concludes Mayor Bourelle.

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