LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jun 22, 2015) - New Wave Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NWAV) is currently preparing for launch of its inaugural program, SchoolFuel, a GPR (General Purpose Reloadable) debit card which uses a patent-pending process to effect donations for schools, churches and universities.

The card will feature a mobile app companion and integrate with popular services like Apple Pay.

At the request of shareholders, the Company would like to outline its objectives prior to launch, in addition to a detailed overview of how the program works and why SchoolFuel founders feel it holds the potential to be a major success, offering an innovative fundraising solution while creating a profitable revenue stream.

"First and foremost, I want to thank shareholders for enduring what has been a roller coaster this past year," states NWAV Chairman and SchoolFuel co-founder, Mark B. Newbauer.

"Over the past year and a half we have faced challenges anywhere from ineffective program managing partners to issuers that overpromised and under-delivered, causing us to do the same. It has been tough, but not insurmountable. After months of discussion, we were able to secure the guidance and expertise of our new CEO, Shawn Carden, who has over 20 years of success in operations and international/global finance, working in key positions at industry leaders such as Bank of America, CitiGroup and MasterCard, among others.

"Carden immediately recognized the potential in our program and offered to work with the Company to bring it to fruition through relationships he has harvested in his own enterprise, The Card Collaborative International, which engages directly with issuing banks, processors, card fulfillment providers, and other service providers which allows its members to achieve economies of scale quickly, thus reducing break-even points and time to profitability for programs like the SchoolFuel GPR debit card.

"As a result, our team is now equipped with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to move forward with the launch of SchoolFuel and our next step is to file our due diligence package and application with TCCI's issuing bank partner(s). Upon program approval, we will receive a definitive launch date for SchoolFuel that we can begin marketing during the upcoming school year."

The SchoolFuel team includes a scrip fundraising veteran responsible for starting and fostering programs for schools in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has secured interest from two area schools willing to pilot the SchoolFuel program alongside current scrip initiatives. Currently they are working to secure retailers which will complement and enhance the donation power of the GPR reloadable card. 

Newbauer outlines the program below:

"Most of us are aware of how difficult it is for schools to rally a successful fundraiser. Normally these are 'events' that come and go, or they involve sales of products that most people don't want. 

"Further, many of these are profitable for the vendors supplying the fundraising mechanism, but only a fraction makes its way to the schools, leaving parents and PTOs disappointed and disinterested.

"But we love our kids, right? So we do whatever we can to participate so our kids can have better opportunities toward living better lives. 

"One of the most effective fundraisers is the Scrip programs. Are you familiar with these? Companies allow parents to purchase coupons and gift certificates to their favorite brands at face value from their schools and churches, knowing that the schools and churches have received these at a discount to face value, thus effecting a direct donation to the school.

"This program, which has seen at its core, benefits everyone -

  • The schools receive instant donations through the sales of certificates

  • The retailers get a loyal customer base in exchange for their commitment to help the schools

  • Parents get to spend what they normally would spend on 'life' knowing that a % is donated to the schools for their kids

"The downside to this is the overall inconvenience of maintaining these coupons and certificates. Because to really be effective, these programs require parents to buy several certificates from various vendors -- and have them on their person at all times so that they can use them. Many parents have 12-15 gift cards in their wallets or purses and can only shop at those particular places because the money has already been spent to purchase the gift cards. If you have a gift card for Marshall's, you certainly aren't going to TJ Maxx anytime soon.

"As well the schools need to maintain inventory of these certificates and track sales, while the retailer is burdened with responsibility of printing costs, delivery, etc.

"We call this the 'analog' version of our own program and currently, the largest service provider of such programs has seen over $5 billion in sales and $300 million to clients (schools, churches and other organizations) since their inception in 1994.

"THAT'S WHY WE INVENTED SCHOOLFUEL™ -- a patent-pending process using a General Purpose Reloadable Debit Card co-branded with a major network (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex). This program streamlines the existing program and all of its components onto ONE, EASY TO USE DEBIT CARD! Simply make the debit card your primary spending mechanism and watch the donations grow.

"With each and every swipe, SchoolFuel will donate a percentage of its transaction profits to your school so that no matter where you are and where you shop, you can confidently 'Give While You Live' -- effecting a donation to your school with each purchase transaction. 

"The donation is supercharged by SchoolFuel participating retailers who agree to donate between 1 and 10%, sometimes even more, per total sales transaction BACK to your school.

"This provides substantial fundraising dollars to schools, creating an altogether efficient tool for parents and PTOs alike, all the while harvesting a profitable revenue stream for the SchoolFuel brand!"

SchoolFuel expects to have its application and due diligence completed toward approval in the next 2-3 weeks.

SchoolFuel™ coming soon to a school near you!
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