AdBoom Group, Inc. Looks To Monetize Average Joe's Social Content With Hashtag Ads

AdBoom Group, Inc. announces the launch of their social media advertising platform Hashtag Ads, allowing social influencers to monetize content and amplify advertisers' campaigns


SAN DIEGO, June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - AdBoom Group, Inc. has launched a new platform Hashtag Ads, currently in beta, where advertisers and social influencers can join forces to enhance an advertisers' presence on the web. The platform provides an opportunity for anyone to embrace their power of social influence and utilize that potential to boost a company's campaign -- all while making some money.

Hashtag Ads offers a sign-up option for social influencers who have a substantial presence via social media, and advertisers who desire to strengthen their company's social media presence by driving high-quality traffic to their business or brand. Hashtag Ads provides an easy-to-use platform for social influencers to connect with an advertiser's campaign, depending on the social influencer's niche and area of interest.

Essentially, an advertiser creates a campaign focusing on a specific call-to-action, whether it be driving traffic to their website or obtaining email sign-ups. The campaign is then circulated to relevant influencers, reassuring advertisers that their campaign will be promoted to the right social audience. Once matched, an influencer will promote an advertiser's campaign while Hashtag Ads offers real-time metrics! The advertiser is able to measure the increase of their revenue and social media presence while the campaign is running.

Unlike other social media advertising platforms, Hashtag Ads guarantees that an advertiser's campaign will achieve its goal. If an influencer's traffic is not meeting the advertiser's desired ROI (return on investment), the advertiser has an opportunity to optimize the campaign by allocating their budget to only top performing influencers while removing it from influencers where the campaign wasn't a fit.

Designed with efficiency in mind, Hashtag Ads' innovative platform allows businesses to enhance their social presence by pairing them with ordinary social influencers, who can then monetize their presence. Additionally, businesses can feel secure in promoting their campaigns with social influencers as Hashtag Ads guarantees quality influencers and promotion through their software. Hashtag Ads beta platform is compatible with Facebook and Twitter, and additional platforms are in the works.

About AdBoom Group, Inc.:

AdBoom Group, Inc. is a San Diego-based technology company focused on innovation in advertising and technology solutions for driving customer acquisition. With its wide network of social and native advertising channels, AdBoom Group, Inc. has the ability to reach millions of people. From digital advertising, such as Hashtag Ads, to software suites, growing businesses has become the core focus and engine of the company's success.

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