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PCI Express Carrier Board for MiniPCIe Modules is the First Product in Amfeltec's New Squid Product Family

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 23, 2015) - Amfeltec Corporation, announced today that the first product of Amfeltec's Squid PCI Express Carrier Board family, the PCI Express Carrier Board for MiniPCIe modules, is now in full production.

The Squid family will consist of two initial products: the PCI Express Carrier Board for MiniPCIe modules will be joined by the PCI Express Carrier Board for M.2 SSD modules. Presently, these carrier boards have the most advanced design on the market, providing the user with maximum versatility for different channel bank applications.

PCI Express Carrier Board for MiniPCIe Modules is in the form of a standard one-slot-wide, half-height PCI Express board; it has eight (8) MiniPCI Express circuits (for add-in MiniPCIe modules). They are located on both sides of the carrier board, and can accommodate any standard MiniPCI Express add-in boards (supported interfaces: PCIe, USB and SIM card for GSM and WCDMA applications).

"Amfeltec continues its trend of innovation with this new concept: a carrier board that allows a user to place the maximum number of MiniPCIe modules on both sides of a PCIe carrier board, without violating the actual PCIe standard," says Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corp. "The patent-pending assembly structure is key: it places the carrier board in the middle of the slot, as defined by the specification for one-slot PCI Express board. Such placement allows for not one but two-sided positioning of MiniPCIe circuits, thus providing the maximum capacity for MiniPCIe add-in modules."

The upstream connection from the carrier board to the motherboard is done via exchangeable male x1 or x4 PCI Express adapters. This allows the carrier board to be inserted into any size PCI Express connector without encountering well-known limitations.

Placement of MiniPCIe circuits on both the top and bottom of the carrier board can be easily compared to typical daughter-based solutions: Amfeltec's approach significantly simplifies MiniPCIe modules' air cooling, and provides a more cost-effective solution.

For additional information please visit the product line page: express-carrier-board-for-minipcie-modules/

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