RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - June 23, 2015) - Life science teams undertake a myriad of strategies to recruit eligible patients for their clinical studies. In previous years, many sponsor groups expected clinical research sites to perform the bulk of patient recruitment duties. A study by primary intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information found, however, that companies can no longer afford to rely exclusively upon sites -- or upon traditional recruitment strategies -- to recruit sufficient patient numbers.

According to Clinical Outsourcing: Leverage Sponsor-CRO Relationships to Accelerate Trial Timelines, the influx of clinical studies over the past five to ten years has caused patient demand to increase exponentially. Competition for eligible clinical trial participants has also sparked an evolution in the patient recruitment domain. Surveyed teams have concentrated their efforts into developing innovative recruitment strategies, expanding beyond the use of mass media channels like radio and television.

Some life science teams have turned to patient recruitment experts for guidance on how to effectively (and compliantly) connect with patients. Other teams, either independently of or in conjunction with patient recruitment organizations (PROs), have increased their presence on social media. An estimated 33% of teams at surveyed pharmaceutical and device companies report using social media to recruit patients.

"Social media strategies may be as straightforward as leveraging banner ads on selected platforms, but a targeted social media approach increases companies' odds of reaching individuals who may be both eligible and interested in participating in clinical studies," said senior research analyst Sarah Ray.

The trackability of social media interactions -- such as time spent on company websites and how many patients passed pre-screening surveys -- also provides a ready means for life science teams to evaluate the effectiveness of their online recruitment campaigns.

Clinical Outsourcing: Leverage Sponsor-CRO Relationships to Accelerate Trial Timelines, available at, provides a general look at life science, CRO and site team experiences within the spectrum of clinical trial planning and execution. The report's qualitative and quantitative insights will help those in the life sciences industry:

  • Avoid unforeseen clinical trial challenges, including developing realistic timelines for patient enrollment and other trial milestones.
  • Strengthen CRO-sponsor relationships to share risk and increase communication.
  • Communicate openly and frequently to coordinate clinical trial tasks among multiple vendors.
  • Implement innovative strategies -- including engaging with patient recruitment organizations and leveraging EHR databases -- to recruit patients more efficiently.

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