CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 23, 2015) - Recsolu, the leading web and mobile recruitment software, services and consulting company, announced today from its 2015 Recruiting Solutions Conference details of its corporate rebrand. Following a period of rapid growth and the expansion of its recruiting solutions capabilities, the company will now operate under the name Yello.

"As we continue to evolve as a company, moving beyond campus recruiting to include professional, high-volume and specialty recruitment, it was only natural that we develop a new corporate identity to reflect our growing reach and functionality," said Jason Weingarten, co-founder and chief executive officer of Yello. "Yello represents the welcoming approach to recruitment we deliver, helping more companies take an inclusive strategy to attract the talent they need to grow their businesses."

The number of candidates today's employers attract for each job opening has grown dramatically. Yello responds to this challenge by offering cutting-edge recruiting solutions that help organizations get to the right candidate or group of candidates instantly. Through a robust recruiting platform that is easy to use, fast and mobile optimized, the company enables employers to transform their hiring strategies to connect with the best and brightest talent, whether on campus, already in the workforce or anywhere in the world.

Since its inception as Recsolu in 2008, the company has helped organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 multinationals and large public sector organizations to high-growth, early stage companies, to manage and mobilize their recruiting processes. Yello continues Recsolu's tradition of delivering intuitive recruiting management solutions that seamlessly integrate with mobile apps for efficient recruiting from start to finish. More than just software, the company also provides its clients with recruiting, change management and analytics thought leadership, ensuring employers have the support they need to make well-informed talent decisions. A mobile-first company, Yello offers advanced mobile recruiting apps that are platform agnostic, enabling users of any mobile device to benefit from its innovative solutions.

Now used by more than a quarter of Fortune 100 companies, Yello is poised for continuous growth and expansion. As the company expands its own hiring internally, more than half of the team's employees are focused on engineering and product development, ensuring Yello stays at the forefront of recruiting innovation for years to come.

"From developing new solutions that facilitate how companies hire talent, to providing white-glove service and expertise throughout the process, Yello is dedicated to transforming talent acquisition," Weingarten added. "With our new corporate identity, we are better positioned than ever to disrupt the market with our cutting-edge, mobile-optimized recruitment solutions."

Yello will deliver its advanced recruiting capabilities through three product lines: Yello Enterprise, to enhance the recruiting efforts of large employers; Yello SMB, helping small and mid-sized companies connect with the right-fit talent they need to grow; and Recsolu Campus, maintaining the Recsolu tradition of facilitating campus recruiting for companies of all sizes.

About Yello
You had me at Yello: Work with the Chicago-based software leader that is radically reinventing recruiting. Employers of all sizes -- from Fortune 500 multinationals and large public sector organizations to high-growth early stage companies -- rely on Yello to manage and mobilize their recruiting processes. Previously known as Recsolu, Yello's considerable experience includes campus, professional, high volume and specialty recruitment. When you're ready to say hello to your next great hire, think Yello. Connect with us on Web | Twitter.