WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - June 24, 2015) - Neotys, a leader in load testing and performance monitoring tools for web and mobile applications, today announced NeoSense 1.1, an enhanced version of its synthetic monitoring solution for application performance and availability.

The release of NeoSense 1.1, available with a free trial, adds powerful new capabilities for web and mobile applications to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles even for complex business apps using the latest technologies. The solution enables you to generate synthetic users in production and actively monitor the performance and availability of critical business transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically alert you of any issues before they become problems for real users.

"Since we launched NeoSense late last year, it's been a great solution for our customers to reuse their load testing scenarios as the basis for their synthetic production monitoring profiles," says Gerald Labie, CEO Neotys USA. "NeoSense 1.1 adds new features and enhancements to provide better insight on the availability and performance of production applications while increasing the realism of synthetic users."

NeoSense 1.1 Key Enhancements

Greater Realism -- NeoSense 1.1 takes the realism of synthetic users to the next level by providing emulation of mobile, Wi-Fi and wired networks and simulation of bandwidth constraints, packet loss, and latency. Users will also have more flexibility when it comes to business transaction execution.

More Control -- NeoSense 1.1 makes it easy to grant certain users access to monitoring data at the application level. Users can now filter dashboards to focus on their most critical applications and will have the ability to pause and/or suspend any monitoring profiles at any time.

Enhanced Insight -- NeoSense now provides users with new availability and performance indicators, enriched transaction breakdowns, the ability to select custom date ranges and improved dashboards.

And More -- Users can upgrade the version of NeoSense Locations directly from the NeoSense GUI. NeoSense 1.1 also includes easier SMS management capabilities.

For complete details of what else is new in NeoSense 1.1 click here.

NeoSense 1.1 is available immediately. Interested parties can try NeoSense free for 30 days now.

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Neotys is a leading innovator in load testing and performance monitoring solutions for web and Mobile applications. Neotys' products NeoLoad and NeoSense enable Development, QA and IT Operations to quickly and efficiently test and monitor the quality, reliability and performance of their applications. More than 1500 organizations globally have selected our solutions because they are Agile, easy to use and support all RIA and mobile technologies. For more information about Neotys, NeoLoad and NeoSense visit: www.neotys.com or contact sales@neotys.com

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