CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2015) - DialogTech, the market leader in call analytics and automation for the enterprise and agencies, today launched DialogTech for Mobile Marketing, the first and only comprehensive marketing solution for tracking, controlling and optimizing revenue-generating inbound phone calls from mobile advertising. This new solution also provides marketers with the most accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google call extensions.

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  • Consumers today spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching television or browsing on desktops. To reach these consumers, advertisers are moving marketing budgets to mobile channels such as search, social and display advertising. According to eMarketer, in 2015, mobile ad spending in the US is expected to increase 50 percent to $28.72 billion, accounting for 49 percent of all digital ad spending. By 2019, mobile ad spend will reach $65.87 billion, accounting for 72 percent of all digital advertising.

  • Because of click-to-call technology inherent to smartphones, mobile marketing now generates a large and increasing number of phone calls to businesses. For example, more than 70 billion calls were driven from mobile channels (search, display, native social and landing pages) in the U.S. in 2014, and are expected to more than double to 162 billion by 2019, according to leading research firm BIA/Kelsey. According to DialogTech data, calls from mobile advertising have increased by 33 percent over the last six months alone.

  • Inbound callers are traditionally the most engaged and purchase-ready lead, converting to customers 10x more often than web leads. Failing to track and optimize callers and customer acquisition from mobile marketing leads to inaccurate ROI data that impairs performance and reflects poorly on marketing.

  • DialogTech for Mobile Marketing is the first and only comprehensive marketing solution for tracking, controlling and optimizing inbound phone calls generated from any mobile source, including popular mobile advertising channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, display, mobile websites, email, video and more. For the first time, marketers will be able to pinpoint exactly what mobile marketing source drove each caller and use complete closed-loop ROI data to optimize mobile advertising strategy for what's actually driving revenue.

  • This new solution also provides call analytics for Google paid search call extensions. Google call extensions generate tens of millions of calls each month, and failing to track these callers at the keyword level can damage ROI. DialogTech eliminates this costly blind spot by providing the most accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google call extensions with deep analytics into every caller and conversation. In addition, DialogTech's exclusive workflow automation tools make it easy to set up call extensions and call tracking in Google AdWords, saving organizations and agencies managing large numbers of ad groups significant time and effort.

  • Along with call attribution, DialogTech for Mobile Marketing includes a number of exclusive capabilities for measuring and controlling calls, including:

    • Contextual call routing that uses session, caller and campaign information as well as cell tower triangulation data to determine the exact location and optimal destination for every caller.
    • Conversation Insight, a platform that records, transcribes and analyzes every voice conversation, allowing marketers to understand what happened on every call and pinpoint precise keywords and phrases that indicate caller intent, lead quality and conversions.
    • Integrations to include campaign-specific caller analytics data with third-party applications such as bid management, CRM and web analytics solutions to improve campaign performance.

  • For more information on how to get started or to request a demo, contact DialogTech at, email or call (855) 335-2856. 


"Mobile has become one of the first things to consider when building an integrated marketing strategy of any kind," said Paul Velten, director, digital strategy at ymarketing. "If your clients' business goals are dependent on leads or sales over the phone, and you are not accurately attributing revenue back to the original ad placed online, then it is time to further consider the user experience and rethink your measurement strategy."

"In the marketing world, attribution is the new black. And in the smartphone era, voice is the new black," said Mike Boland, chief analyst and VP at BIA/Kelsey. "Call volumes to businesses from mobile devices are exploding, meaning it's a critical evolution to track, analyze and optimize campaigns around these high-intent inbound calls."

"Every consumer approaches a purchase differently, and technology needs to be agile enough to account for these differences in order to provide real cross-channel value for marketers," said Steven Hartman, vice president, marketing at Kenshoo, which recently integrated the Kenshoo Infinity Suite with DialogTech for Mobile Marketing. "Mobile phone calls can be a critical part of this process for shoppers who may need to check store hours or get an important question answered about a product before making a purchase. Marketers need to understand the contributions of click-to-call at the keyword level in order to optimize successfully and ensure their campaigns continue to produce."

"CEOs expect marketing teams and agencies to prove the impact of their mobile advertising on customer acquisition and revenue," said Irv Shapiro, CEO and CTO of DialogTech. "Having complete and accurate performance data is critical, and that requires in-depth attribution and analytics on all inbound calls. With today's announcement, DialogTech now provides marketers with that previously unattainable caller data, as well as the means to control and personalize each caller's experience to improve sales conversion rates."

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