ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2015) - Greengro Technologies (OTC PINK: GRNH) has announced today that John Taylor will manage all operations related to BP Gardens. BP Gardens greenhouse project in Lincoln, California (5585 Garden Bar Rd., Lincoln, CA 95648), after a long permitting process through the local and state governing bodies, is now in operation. It has business clients in the immediate region with commitments for finished produce from local juice companies.

BP Gardens Lincoln is a joint venture between Greengro Technologies and John Taylor/ Lincoln Hills Organics, with Greengro owning a majority share. This project shares intellectual property and designs developed by BP Gardens Buena Park and all construction and equipment was provided by Greengro. State of the art recirculating aquaponics systems will power 6 greenhouses set on 45,000 square feet of property, which will be used to grow crops of lettuce, tomatoes, leafy greens, culinary herbs and fish for commercial markets. 

Now in operational status, the land will be utilized to produce 38,000 heads of leafy greens on a monthly basis. A traditional Greenhouse of this size would produce closer to 18,000 heads monthly. Due to the utilization of Vertical Hydrogarden's intellectual property in regards to vertical gardening designs, we're able to more than double that production within the same footprint. Although Lincoln Hills Organics beginning square footage is 7,000 sq. ft., the underground infrastructure is fully in place for both phase 2 and 3 expansions which will bring the total production platform to over 21,000 sq. ft. At full capacity we will have the ability to produce over 100,000 heads of leafy greens monthly. With this state of the art facility in place we have measured our water usage at .78 gallons per head, vs. the National Standard of 15.4 gallons per head. This lowers our consumption of water by 95% with ability to sustain our production year round.

BP Gardens uses state of the art agricultural science systems to address California drought issues. California is now in the third year in this prolonged drought and is now in the state of emergency. BP Gardens uses recirculating water systems to maintain maximum efficiency without water waste from traditional farming. BP Gardens scientific solution will be the icon and model solution for the scarce water crisis for a State that provides the nation with more food than any other state.

James Haas, Greengro's CEO, states: "We are excited having John Taylor run the operations of BP Gardens to ensure its success. The new location is in full operations with buyers committed to our goods. Mr. Taylor has the relationship with the produce market and is the perfect person to manage this operation as we continue to expand the BP Garden operations with his expertise."

John Taylor states, "It brings me pleasure to manage the operations on BP Gardens for Greengro. We had a long journey to get this operation approved. The greenhouse is in operations and running without a flaw. We have customers for our products and continue to look at expanding our operations. This is a major milestone for us as a company."

In addition to overseeing BP Gardens current and future projects, John Taylor will be integrating his online sales platform to Vertical Hydrogarden, Inc. The Platform was designed by John Taylor and his team to be utilized by his own company in the automotive industry. The platform has proved to track at close to six digit sales in the first month of launching in that field. Vertical Hydrogarden is very excited and hopeful for the outcome of this cutting edge platform being utilized in the hydroponic industry, with plans to launch the platform next month.

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