OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 25, 2015) - Dean Del Mastro and Richard McCarthy were sentenced today in the Ontario Court of Justice in Peterborough for committing offences under the Canada Elections Act. The offences took place during the 2008 federal general election, in the electoral district of Peterborough.

Dean Del Mastro was sentenced to one month in jail, four months of house arrest, followed by 18 months' probation. He was also ordered to pay $10,000 in compensation to the Peterborough Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association.

Richard McCarthy was sentenced to two months of house arrest, 12 months' probation and an order that he not act as an official agent for five years.

Both Mr. Del Mastro and Mr. McCarthy were found guilty on October 31, 2014. Mr. Del Mastro was found guilty of personally paying an election expense, and thereby wilfully exceeding his contribution limit, contrary to sections 405(1), 497(3)(f.13) and 500(5).

Mr. Del Mastro and Mr. McCarthy were both found guilty of:

  • wilfully incurring election expenses in excess of the campaign expense limit, contrary to sections 443(1), 497(3)(p) and 500(5);
  • providing an electoral campaign return containing a false or misleading material statement in omitting to report a campaign contribution and election expense, contrary to sections 463(1)(a), 497(3)(v) and 500(5); and
  • a fourth count was stayed at the Crown's request.

The parties have 30 days to decide whether they will seek to appeal this sentence.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is responsible for prosecuting offences under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free of any improper influence and that respects the public interest. The PPSC is also responsible for providing prosecution related advice to law enforcement agencies across Canada.

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