NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2015) - Shareablee Inc., the leading social media benchmarking and audience analysis firm that partners with TV and cable networks FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Univision and CNN, among others, today launched a monthly ranking of the most socially engaged TV Networks in the U.S. The ranking, which includes all television shows and the main network brand accounts under their respective networks, reflects a total of 485.3 million social actions (362.5 million on Facebook -- likes, shares and comments, 27.4 million on Twitter -- retweets, favorites, 95.4 million on Instagram -- likes, comments). This represents a 7 percent decline in activity compared to April 2015, as many series wind down and networks prepare to clear the decks for summer programming.

ESPN, led by the program SportsCenter, ranks number one with 70.8 million total actions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Telemundo ranked number one on Facebook with 41.4 million actions, followed by NBC with 36.7 million actions. Fox News won the news category with 28.4 million actions. Adult Swim grew 91 percent, the largest growth in the TV Network category during the month of May.

Top Ten U.S. TV Networks by Total Network Presence
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
May 2015
    Network   Total
  Actions to
Fans Index
1   ESPN   70.8M   13,615   284   105.5M
2   NBC   44.4M   16,555   139   134.9M
3   Telemundo   43.4M   12,573   615   29.9M
4   ABC   43.3M   14,708   106   173.5M
5   Univision   33.2M   16,065   273   51.4M
6   Fox News   28.4M   9,603   393   30.6M
7   ABC Family   21.8M   3,914   194   47.4M
8   MTV   21.8M   3,770   65   141.6M
9   E!   19.0M   6,246   207   38.9M
10   CBS   18.7M   13,593   36   221.3M

i Total actions metric includes the total volume of post-level likes, shares, favorites, retweets and comments for all properties under each brand across platforms.
ii Total content includes all posts, tweets and media posted by all properties under each brand across platforms.
iii "Actions to fans index" is calculated as the total number of actions taken on all posts made by properties in the network in the time period, divided by the total fan count of all properties in the network. This value is then set as an index against all U.S. TV Networks.
iv Total fans/followers includes average fans/followers for all properties under each brand as of May 31, 2015.
iv The actions per post metric notes the average number of actions garnered per post by a property or network's page in the report period.  

Other notable findings include:

  • The Top Five TV Networks on Facebook: Telemundo (41.4 million actions), NBC (36.7 million actions), ABC (35.8 million actions), ESPN (28.7 million actions), Univision (28.9 million actions)
  • The Top Five Networks on Twitter: ESPN (10.2 million actions), NBC (2.5 million actions), ABC (2.5 million actions), CBS (2 million actions), E! (1.5 million actions)
  • The Top Five Networks on Instagram: ESPN (31.8 million actions), ABC Family (14 million actions), E! (8.8 million actions), NBC (5.1 million actions), ABC (5 million actions)
  • HBO leads premium cable networks with 7 million actions, driven by Game of Thrones, which captures 45 percent of the cable network's total engagement
  • The Top Five TV shows by engagement: SportsCenter, ESPN (37.2 million actions), Suelta la Sopa, Telemundo (21.8 million actions), Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family (17 million actions), Sabado Gigante, Univision (10 million actions), Today Show, NBC (9.2 million actions)

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