The State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Section Recognizes Dr. Chris M. Hymel, Signal Advance, Inc., as the 2015 Inventor of Year

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 29, 2015) - During the Annual Meeting of the State Bar of Texas the Intellectual Property Section named Chris M. Hymel, Ph.D., Signal Advance Inc. (OTC PINK: SIGL) Founder and President, the 2015 Inventor of the Year. The selection criteria included the intellectual property (patents), contribution of the invention to society and the impact on Texas economy. The award was presented on June 19, 2015, at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, during the Intellectual Property Section luncheon meeting.

Malcolm Skolnick, Ph.D., J.D., a current Signal Advance Officer and Director, as well as long-time friend and mentor, introduced Dr. Hymel, describing a long history of collaboration and innovation. Dr. Skolnick remarked, Dr. "After my 32 years working with Dr. Hymel, I have come to appreciate the adage that, a teacher with a good student casts two shadows."

Dr. Hymel, in his address to the capacity audience of patent attorneys, explained the intellectual property and provided numerous examples of applications for Signal Advance technology. He went on to describe the potential of the technology to significantly impact product yields, energy efficiency, pollution, medical outcomes, military systems and safety across a broad range of market sectors.

Some of the previous "Inventor of the Year" recipients include:

  • Jack S. Kilby, Texas Instruments, Nobel Prize Winner (physics) and the inventor of the integrated circuit.

  • Dr. David Wolf, NASA astronaut, for 3 dimensional tissue engineering technologies.

  • Dr. Tsiu Chiu Chan, R&D Fellow, STMicroelectronics, whose inventions reduced the size/cost of high speed memory.

  • Claude D. Head, III, Texas Instruments, for computer controlled and operated automated assembly lines for the manufacturing of semiconductor circuits.

  • Dr. George D. Skidmore, Director of Research, Zyrex Corporation, whose inventions were key to down-sizing of parts, leading to a new manufacturing paradigm.

  • John Melanson, Distinguished Fellow, Cirrus Logic Inc., for signal processing technologies that reduced power consumption and improved audio quality, and distributed processing in digital audio networks.

  • Robert E. Smith III, National Coupling Company, Inc., for underwater couplings used in offshore drilling.

  • Naomi Halas, Ph.D. & Jennifer West, Ph.D., Rice University researchers, for the use of light-activated nanoparticles in cancer therapy.

  • Drs. Richard Gomez and Darrell Pilling, Texas A&M University biologists for innovations related to fibrosing disease (scarring).

  • Dr. Kurt Schroder, NovaCentrix Chief Scientist, for innovations in nanotechnology materials and applications, as well as a phonic process which enabled advanced printed electronics.

  • Victor Johnston, Ph.D., Celanese Corp, for patents related to the production of non-food source ethanol and the conversion of natural gas to ethanol.

  • Rhonda Childress and David Kumhyr, IBM, for their work in cloud computing and networking

The complete list shows a tremendous diversity of innovation that has impacted all walks of life. Texas ranks second in the number of patents issued to its residents -- over 71,500 patents over the last ten years, surpassing New York in 2004. This alone speaks to the level of competition from Texas inventors and thus the prestige of the award. Dr. Hymel expressed what a humbling experience it was to be counted among such a distinguished group of innovators. In his address to the nearly 100 patent attorneys in attendance, Dr. Hymel also stated, "I am honored to be recognized by group of individuals witnessing the leading edge of scientific and technological development."

Dr. Hymel was previously recognized for the development of Signal Advance technology by the Intellectual Property Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association which named him the 2012 Innovator of the Year. The Company was also awarded first place in the 2011 Goradia Innovation Prize competition. The selection was based on the commercial potential of the technology, soundness of the business plan, potential for regional job growth, and likelihood of significant long-term success.

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Signal Advance, Inc., an emerging technologies company, has developed and is now commercializing its proprietary technology to improve performance in signal detection and control systems. Our proprietary Signal Advance technology temporally-advances complex analog signals. In other words, output of a Signal Advance circuit actually precedes the complete detection of the input signal. These "real-world" signals can represent a wide variety of physical properties such as pressure, flow, position, vibration, temperature, pressure, proximity, bioelectric activity (EKG, EEG, etc.). This time advance imparted could potentially offset or significantly reduce signal detection delays associated with a variety of sensors to improve performance in control, intervention, and/or signal transmission systems. Reducing or offsetting response delays has the potential to improve outcomes for medical interventions, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, boost manufacturing and production yields and improve targeting accuracy. Target markets include transportation, energy generation and distribution, military defense, manufacturing, industrial process control, medicine and communications. For more information, visit

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