PRA Government Services Launches EZTransparency(TM) to Support White House Open Government Initiative

Norfolk, Virginia, UNITED STATES

NORFOLK, Va., June 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRA Government Services, a division of PRA Group (Nasdaq:PRAA), has launched EZTransparency™, a user-friendly, interactive tool to help council members, municipal staff and the public quickly visualize and understand complex city and county budgets.

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"Municipal budget information is often delivered through a 50- to 100-page PDF of the entire city budget, which makes it difficult to navigate and quickly understand," said Steve Roberts, president of PRA Group's business and government services. "EZTransparency™ provides a simple, intuitive interface that allows citizens to actually see graphically where their tax dollars are being spent."

EZTransparency™ builds and hosts a transparent budget from a PDF of a municipality's budget for just pennies per citizen. No city finance staff, IT resources or technology integrations are required. EZTransparency™ also provides a searchable check register to minimize open records requests.

"A transparent and open government provides voters with one-click, searchable and downloadable information about the budget," said Roberts. "We can help municipalities live up to the transparency challenge and build trust with their citizens in less than 45 days."

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PRA Government Services Launches EZTransparency(TM)

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