TYSONS CORNER, Va., June 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spot Golf, LLC, formed by a team of golf, gaming, entertainment, and hospitality innovators, announces its exclusive global master license and service agreement for FlightScope's world leading and cutting edge tracking technology. The FlightScope technology will power the SPOT GOLF game system that company executives say will respect and preserve the appeal of traditional golf while adding fun and challenging games to Spot Golf driving range game center facilities currently being planned for cities and towns everywhere. Combining state-of-the-art ball and club tracking technology with exciting game software, social media engagements, and outstanding customer-centric food, beverage, and entertainment options, Spot Golf will attract tech-savvy golfers, Millennials, and "gamers" (67% of U.S. households that play video games).

The SPOT GOLF game system uses unaltered regulation golf balls and a number of cutting-edge technologies to precisely record club and ball trajectory and the actual landing spot.

"Having spent over 25 years in the hospitality industry, I am excited to bring my experience to Spot Golf and the golf entertainment world," said John Imaizumi, partner and President of Spot Golf, LLC. "My goal is to create a great, positive company culture that results in the best customer experience and ultimately generating the most sustainable and superior financial results for our shareholders. We will combine the best-of-the-best service, gaming and golf technology to bring fun and entertainment to golf driving ranges everywhere," he said.

In addition to new golf range game centers planned around the country, the SPOT GOLF technology can be utilized on existing golf ranges to attract non-golfers, create new revenue sources and enhance customer or member interest and engagement.  

"Our game technology seamlessly overlays existing golf ranges with a variety of games and challenges to appeal to Golfers & Gamers. The interest from existing golf range operators looking to boost consumer appeal and profitability has been incredible," stated Gordon Gregory, partner and SVP Business Development.

The company is announcing the first branded SPOT GOLF driving range game center locations this fall and is seeking to work with existing golf range operators everywhere.

To find out more about SPOT GOLF, go to: www.SPOTGOLF.com


Spot Golf, LLC, the creator of the SPOT GOLF® games and game system, is a service and product development company formed in 2013. The founders and management team has a history of successful innovation in the development of destination recreation, entertainment, and mixed-use projects, including golf driving ranges, hockey and figure skating rinks, and one of the country's largest hospitality destinations. 

Spot Golf, LLC is working with industry leading partners to reinvent the golf range experience. The SPOT GOLF driving range games are designed to appeal to Golfers & Gamers, challenging for golfers and fun for gamers.