BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2015) - PubNative, a mobile publisher platform that serves scalable and flexible native ads via API for apps and mobile web, today announced the launch of full support for native ads displayed on the Apple Watch. With PubNative's technology, publishers can integrate custom ad formats specifically tailored to the user experience of their app on the Apple Watch, while brand advertisers such as ING-DiBa, a Frankfurt-based bank, are benefitting from customized native integrations on premium inventory.

According to Juniper Research, advertising spend on smartwatches is predicted to reach $68.6 million by 2019, up from roughly $1.5 million in 2015. The launch of the Apple Watch is one of the strongest drivers of this growth, and PubNative's technology enables both advertisers and publishers to leverage this new opportunity. Through PubNative's API integration, publishers are not required to integrate any additional SDK in the Watch OS app or in its underlying iOS app.

"The Apple Watch represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands as an unparalleled platform for user engagement," said Ionut Ciobotaru, PubNative's Co-Founder and Managing Director. "However, the amount of real estate available on the device is smaller than on a mobile screen, which can easily cause a disrupted experience. For this reason, native ads are the most, if not the only, suitable advertising option on the Apple Watch."

"As the bank of the new digital generation, ING-DiBa needs to be as innovative as possible to reach our consumers wherever they are, and at the best possible moment," said Helge Grubschat, specialist for new media at ING-DiBa. "PubNative enables us to present our brand's offering in a way that is both engaging and user-friendly."

Publishers such as TorAlarm, whose app offers live results for soccer games, also benefit from PubNative's fast and easy native ad integration in their Apple Watch app.

"Thanks to PubNative, we are able to quickly roll out advertising for the Apple Watch in a way that is 100% in line with the user experience of our app," said Maurice Eisterhues, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TorAlarm. "We are now in a position to offer brands premium ad placements to communicate with a very engaged audience, for both branding and rapid response campaigns."

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PubNative is a mobile publisher platform that serves scalable and flexible native ads via API for apps and mobile web. The platform's programmatic exchange gives publishers access to more than 400 demand partners worldwide. PubNative's US patent-pending eCPM maximization algorithm optimizes yield for publishers through machine learning patterns and predictive behavior analysis. The platform additionally offers publishers numerous ad delivery and targeting features as well as extensive inventory management tools. Its publisher-first approach focuses on the specific needs of each publisher across all verticals to create seamless, non-intrusive and highly performing ad integrations. The company is headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Beijing.

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