Spin Master announces the new Collectible Robotic Edition Zoomer(TM) Dino, Indominus rex(TM) from the global blockbuster movie Jurassic World

The Collectible Robotic Edition Indominus rex(TM) joins the award-winning Zoomer(TM) line from Spin Master, a leading global children's entertainment company and one of the top five U.S. toy manufacturers.

Toronto, ON, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, July 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hot on the heels of Zoomer Dino's 2015 Toy of the Year win, the Zoomer family continues to grow with the launch of its most ferocious and lifelike Dinosaur yet, the Collectible Robotic Edition ZoomerTM Dino: Indominus rexTM. With Zoomer's blend of interactive technology and personality, you can bring Indominus rex to life and unleash her stealthy, aggressive, and unpredictable nature.

Watch as she prowls your home, using True Balance TechnologyTM to hunt, patrol and explore her surroundings. With advanced IR nose sensors, Indominus rex can sense your hand and will respond to movements. The sleek, customized Jurassic World remote control brings the power of Indominus rex to the palm of your hand.  Program modes, record combo moves, direct her actions and more. Featuring real sounds from the Jurassic World film and color changing eyes that communicate mood, the Indominus rex Collectible Robotic Edition is the most realistic Zoomer Dino ever created. Each Collectible Robotic Edition comes with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The Collectible Robotic Edition ZoomerTM Dino, Indominus rexTM is perfect for ages 5+ and will be available at major retailers beginning August, 2015 for $119.99 MSRP.

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Tara Tucker
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