Red Butler Reports Shift in Client Use Trends: Team Support Gaining on Individual, Personal Assistant Activity

Proprietary SaaS Tech plus Many-to-One-to-Many Staffing Model Provides Outsourced Admin Staffing to Corporate Teams


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Today, Red Butler announced user behavior trends based on in-system activities recorded since the February 2015 launch of the company's upgraded "Delegate to Accelerate" SaaS-based outsourced administrative support service. [See original release.] Red Butler reports the following trends:

● Since February, one-third of existing Red Butler clients have converted their single-user service plans to Team Productivity Portals, enabling multiple team members to share the support resources of a single Red Butler account;

● A 235% increase in the number of new clients choosing to launch with a Red Butler Team Productivity Portal with rather than traditional single user, personal assistant-type account [metric based on comparing the last 120 days (March-June, 2015) to the previous 120 days (November, 2014-February, 2015)];

● As a result, an 87% increase in the total number administrative support tasks coming through Team Productivity Portals rather than individual personal accounts [metric based on comparing the last 120 days (March-June, 2015) to the previous 120 days (November, 2014-February, 2015)].

The company also noted increased adoption of the following Team Portal use behaviors:

● OUTSOURCING OF DOCUMENT-DRIVEN REPETITIVE TASKS: Red Butler reports a trend in set-it-and-forget-it administrative support tasks. In the last 60 days, Red Butler's three largest Team Portal clients allocated one-third of their total service time per month to the routine modification and distribution of recurring corporate documents.

● EXECUTIVE TRAVEL COORDINATION: Since March 2015, Red Butler reports Team Portal users logged a 58% increase in travel support requests--both personal and professional--indicating users are trending back to pre-Internet reliance on travel agent services.

● EMAIL INBOX AND CALENDAR INTEGRATION: Since February 2015, Red Butler notes users logged a 29% increase in traffic related to full email inbox and calendar coordination on Team Productivity Portal accounts, leveraging Red Butler Assistants to improve executive responsiveness.

"The concept of a virtual personal assistant--the one-to-one connection--has been the driver in our market," says Red Butler CEO, Daniel Abas. "But in 2014, our own client data indicated the biggest gains in business acceleration were coming from executive teams using Red Butler as a shared resource. We decided to push our software and staffing investments in that direction. And usage data is starting to show Red Butler becoming more deeply integrated into team operations, with more aggressive sharing of Red Butler administrative expertise for better productivity."

About Red Butler

Founded in 2005 and based in Beverly Hills, Red Butler ( was a pioneer in technology-enabled concierge and virtual assistant services. Today, the company continuously evolves its service model for outsourcing administrative support and employee incentive programs, delivering the triple benefit of business acceleration, lowered fixed operational costs and improved administrative support professionalism.

In 2015, Red Butler launched its team-oriented "Delegate to Accelerate" service model, delivering highly-skilled administrative support resources at a monthly rate that is often less than the total cost of a single in-house admin hire. Working teams share a custom Team Productivity Portal that pairs individual task requests with Red Butler's professional administrative assistant team, all brokered and overseen by a full-time Red Butler Dedicated Account Manager who guarantees total quality of service. In this way, Red Butler combines proprietary SaaS technology with a many-to-one-to-many staffing plan that is flexible, stable and guarantees executive-strength support service quality.


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