HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2015) - Signal Advance, Inc. (OTC PINK: SIGL) expounds on the credentials of the team members and catalysts behind its entry into the Brain Health market -- a nearly two billion dollar industry. The objective of Signal Advance Inc.'s enhanced Neural Training System project is to integrate auditory, visual, and direct current stimuli to the brain to improve brain function. Effective Neural Training relies on adjusting stimulator outputs in real-time based on measurements of the brain's response. Applying Signal Advance technology to offset the brain signal detection and processing delays is expected to reduce feedback delay and significantly improve training efficiency and efficacy.

Chris M. Hymel, Ph.D., Founder and President, assembled a team uniquely qualified to bring this product to market. Dr. Hymel gained experience in brain stimulation and response measurement technologies at the Neurophysiology Research Center, at the University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston ("UT Health") where he developed brain-signal detection and direct neuro-stimulation technology as well as techniques for the modulation of pain and alleviation of addiction withdrawal symptoms. His experience extends past general management, and includes studies looking at the effects of electrical stimulation on the brain, and the behavioral effects of various stimulation protocols on animals and humans (partial support from the National Institute of Drug Abuse of NIH). Dr. Hymel is driving product creation with the same determination he uses to lead the overall company, recognizing this product is both a demonstration and a classic use of the Signal Advance technology. His quintessential knowledge of Signal Advance technology as well as experience in neural stimulation and brain signal acquisition means he leads with proficiency and understanding.

Ron Stubbers, BSEE, MBA brings years of hands-on and management experience taking products from idea to shipment world-wide. His expertise is primarily in medical electronic and general product design and management; including responsibility for design, development, manufacture, and world-wide regulatory approvals. This includes CE marks in Europe, 510k clearance in the United States, and appropriate marks and approvals elsewhere. Mr. Stubbers led engineering and manufacturing for a 1,500 person clinical trial of a direct current brain stimulation device for Neuromedical Technologies, Inc., resulting in a PMA (Pre-Market Approval) application to the US FDA. As head of operations and product development, he obtained the European CE mark for devices that extract stem cells from fat tissue for InGeneron, Inc., and commercialized particle separation devices for aDEPtas, Incorporated. He brings auditory and visual stimulator device development experience from Neuroscan, Inc. and Compumedics, Ltd. where he was responsible for development and manufacture of the Stim and Stim2 products. Mr. Stubbers was also responsible for related EEG (brain electrical activity) measurement products including the SynAmps and SynAmps2 systems at Neuroscan, in addition to Quality, Regulatory, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

Malcolm Skolnick brings to the company depth of intellectual property, clinical trial management, and scientific experience. Mr. Skolnick holds a PhD in theoretical physics from Cornell University and a JD from the University of Houston Law School. He is a registered patent attorney, and retired as a tenured professor from UT Health where he served as Director of the Neurophysiology Research Center and later as Director of the Office of Technology Management. Following his retirement from UT Health, he served for ten years as President/CEO of a publicly traded biotech firm. Dr. Skolnick is an experienced bio-medical researcher with related publications and patents. As Director of the Neurophysiology Research Center at UT Health and Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Skolnick conducted clinical trials using low-current trans-cranial stimulation to alleviate pain or nicotine addiction providing experience in both electrical current stimulus devices and neurotherapy. Dr. Skolnick was also a PI in a long-term clinical trial, approved by UT Health using neurotherapy to relieve cocaine addiction in homeless men in a residential treatment center. The study results showed a 60% recovery rate and markedly low recidivism. Follow up results over several years found the majority of subjects not using drugs, and employed or seeking education and not homeless. Dr. Skolnick also serves as a Director on the Board of the Southwest Health Technology Foundation, which sponsors the Neurotherapy Center of Houston and continues to provide therapy for addictions, ADHD symptoms in children and related maladies.

As part of the growing brain health market, the goal of Signal Advance's Neural Training System is to provide a cost-effective means to detect and analyze brain activity and provide training stimuli to enhance cognition, memory and overall brain function., Neural training has been shown to improve behavioral health, mental ability with aging, academic and sports performance, It has also been applied to address challenges related to the effects of attention deficits, stroke and traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer's disease, as well as addiction recovery and pain management.

Based on growing brain health demands, the far-reaching socio-economic benefits are clear. Signal Advance, Inc. is determined to bring Neural Training from the laboratory bench to the market in a product that tailors each training session based on the state of each user's own brain, and integrates multiple stimulation modes tailored to the individual user. With the training system response time reduced using our proprietary technology, improvements in training efficiency and efficacy are expected.

"Signal Advance, Inc. is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growing market by combining our proprietary technology with our management team's deep scientific and technical knowledge of the subject," Ron Stubbers, Engineering Vice President, for the company.

About Signal Advance, Inc.

Signal Advance, Inc., is a fully reporting, emerging technology company that has developed and is now commercializing its proprietary technology to improve performance in signal detection and control systems. Our proprietary Signal Advance technology temporally-advances complex analog signals. In other words, output of a Signal Advance circuit actually precedes the complete detection of the input signal. These "real-world" signals can represent a wide variety of physical properties such as pressure, flow, position, vibration, temperature, pressure, proximity, bioelectric activity (EKG, EEG, etc.). The signal time advance attained could potentially offset or significantly reduce signal detection delays associated with a variety of sensors to improve performance in control, intervention, and/or signal transmission systems. Reducing or offsetting response delays could improve outcomes for medical interventions, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, boost manufacturing/production yields and improve targeting accuracy. Target markets include transportation, energy generation/distribution, military defense, manufacturing, industrial process control, medicine and communications. For more information, visit signaladvance.com.

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