IRVINE, Calif., July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just 13 months after its initial release, Polaris Office has reached a new milestone of 20 million subscribers worldwide. Despite being the "new kid in town" among office suites, Polaris Office continues to climb rankings and score high ratings to keep up against veteran competitors.

"Polaris Office was able to acquire 20 million users just after a year of its launch, due to its quick response to users' feedback" said Polaris Office's Product Strategy Director Bart Yoon. "Polaris Office is committed to the development of its technology and product quality, so that global users can experience enhanced users benefits and productivity in document editing."

Polaris Office is a cloud-based service app designed to easily connect users across multiple devices, simplify access to files, and optimize file management for documents. Its slogan wraps up the service provided in a single sentence: "One Place For All Your Documents." Polaris Office makes its mark for being a dedicated service for editing, viewing, managing, and sharing documents.

Polaris Office's support sparks casual conversations with users to gather customer feedback in effort to continue its loyal legacy as an office suite app. Anticipating high volumes of feedback from its newest milestone, the app continues to offer new features and updates bi-weekly to keep up with all users requests.

About Polaris Office

Polaris Office officially released for Amazon, iOS, and Android devices, but plans to spread across other platforms. The company has offices located in United States, Japan, China, and headquarters in Korea under Infraware Inc. To learn more about Polaris Office, visit the website at and see how you can simplify your office needs using our incredible app.

Media Contact:
Timothy Woo