AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jul 20, 2015) - Empowering consumers to zip to desired content on more of their devices, Quantum Interface (Qi) is expanding its motion-based interface architecture, implementing the technology in a launcher for Android smartphones and tablets. This new launcher utilizes the "Spread" module of Qi's unique motion-based interface architecture platform. The Spread module instantly reveals multiple levels of menus with just one touch.

This is the second of eight modules in the Qi Interface Architecture suite to be launched by the company. All modules are designed to be responsive to motion and predictive as to user intent.

Fresh off the recent, well-received beta release of the smartwatch launcher app that implements the Qi "Carousel" module, the software development and technology design company is bringing similar speed and ease to Android users on their everyday smartphones and tablets. With expandable, scrollable radial menus, the QiLaunch app completely changes the way users interact with and navigate content on their devices. Multilevel radial menus can be viewed and accessed immediately with minimal movement or effort. With a simple touch of a finger, users can navigate mobile menus and content easier and faster than any other type of interface.

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"When the iPod click wheel came out years ago, people were mesmerized by the functionality and unique experience. Similarly, our technology marries fun and elegance in a way that makes you want to keep using it and never go back to the old, clunky way. The next era in natural user interfaces has arrived," said Kevin Fiur, Executive Vice President of Quantum Interface.

With QiLaunch, menus are no longer static; rather the user places a finger anywhere they designate on a touchscreen to launch a menu that is significantly faster and immensely easier than other interfaces. When the user's finger moves toward a menu selection, the technology infers the choice and literally moves toward the user dynamically, revealing secondary menus and choices.

"Ninety-percent of the time we spend on technology is useless. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to access something on your phone or tablet and having to tap, lift up, tap again, and swipe multiple times to find it or get to it. This is a slow and outdated way to navigate, and extremely inefficient and distracting from the task at hand," said Quantum Interface founder and CTO Jonathan Josephson. "Our revolutionary interface provides a more immersive experience, presents key information the user wants and is exponentially faster than any other navigation interface now in use."

QiLaunch Showcases Second of Eight Motion-Based Interfaces
QiLaunch incorporates the Spread module of Qi's interface architecture platform. Specializing in making every interaction as fast as possible, Qi's complement of eight different motion-based modules are applicable for a broad range of applications, from mobile and wearables to augmented and virtual reality, IoT, smart TVs, and connected automobiles. Users access the interfaces with a finger on a touchpad, by naturally moving their fingers or hands in space or using their eyes with a car's IVI or heads-up display or under a VR hood. Qi plans to combine aspects of each module in its software development kit (SDK).

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The QiLaunch Android mobile app is now available in a private beta. To apply, visit The interface will also soon be available to manufacturers wanting to build the Qi interface into their next-generation devices.

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Quantum Interface has created the fastest UI platform available for interacting with wearables, mobile devices, virtual/augmented reality devices and connected automobiles. Its revolutionary interface software improves the user experience and includes unique, responsive, exponentially faster experiences for scrolling, navigating and selecting options and managing content on all devices. Designed to be universal, the Qi predictive motion interface works with almost any type of device, regardless of the sensors installed or type of touch or touchless environment, and can be added to any application or operating system. The motion engine is ready for implementation through its apps and SDK. The company is based in Austin, Texas.


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