ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jul 20, 2015) -  RapidFire Tools Inc., the world leader in non-invasive IT assessment tools, has surveyed its managed service provider (MSP) customers selling into the healthcare marketplace to gauge the effectiveness of its Network Detective HIPAA Compliance Module. Responses to the survey show that RapidFire Tools customers have been able to successfully turn compliance assessments during end-user visits into formidable projects and even ongoing service-level agreements, leveraging the tool to increase business and engage prospects more effectively than they previously could.

In a series of customer polls designed for business intelligence purposes, RapidFire Tools asked MSPs to identify specific instances in which use of the HIPAA Compliance module had resulted in the generation of a new project or an extended service contract, or whether the module allowed the MSP to justify their own services. Responses were resoundingly positive, revealing various occasions in which solution providers were able to capture new sales, including one MSP's addition of a combined $12,000 per month in ongoing service agreements from two healthcare facilities. In addition, MSPs reported an increased ability to illustrate their skills, identifying network vulnerabilities and positioning their own practices as superior to the customers' existing IT partners.

"At RapidFire Tools, we've consistently addressed MSPs and IT solution providers at trade events across the country, asserting that a network assessment is a compelling method of prospecting new business, and more importantly, to turn those leads into incremental revenue streams," began Mike Mittel, CEO and president at RapidFire Tools. "We've so much as provided step-by-step instructions on the use of the network assessment to pinpoint areas in which their current IT consultants are lacking, by identifying system vulnerabilities through our granular assessment reports." RapidFire Tools is scheduled to inform MSPs and dealers about network assessment at events this year including the upcoming SMB Tech Fest event on July 23 - 24 in Charlotte, NC.

"Assessment is even more critical in the healthcare marketplace, where a facility is vulnerable to business-jeopardizing fees -- potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars -- if they have not conducted a mandated Risk Assessment to document their compliance," continued Mittel. "We are delighted that our MSPs have been able to rely on our HIPAA Compliance tool in the field, turning those compliance review sessions into concrete revenue-building opportunities. It's something MSPs can utilize right now to grow their businesses."

MSP input from the RapidFire Tools' HIPAA usage survey included the following case study anecdotes:

"We tested the solution with a few clients and were impressed with the detail and quality of the reports. After compiling a sample binder, we presented to a few clients and won a $5,000 initial contract with $500 per month for the quarterly reports. Another client was a rural hospital with 115 seats wanting an outside company to audit how well they did. The initial contract was $7,000 with $700 per month for the quarterly on-site surveys and presentation of findings."

-- Managed Services Provider, Ruston, Louisiana

"We scoped the HIPAA assessment as part of a value added service for a network assessment we were hired to conduct. Our client chose the HIPAA scope, and we increased our fee by 200%. The client was very impressed with the reports and scheduled a follow-up assessment in six months before the end of our meeting."

-- Technology Consulting Firm/Managed Services Provider, Salinas, Kansas

"In June of 2014, we were contacted by a residential long-term care and short-term rehabilitation facility to replace some PCs and provide a general network assessment. We recommended a HIPAA Compliance Assessment, and they agreed. After completing the network scans and interviews, we were able to provide beautiful reports identifying several aspects of the network that needed improvement. These reports provided solid documentation to support proposals for several new projects. Ultimately, the client agreed to projects involving firewall replacement, wireless network separation, antivirus installation, patch management, and a new backup solution."

-- Technology Consulting Firm, Athens, Georgia

Members of the press can contact Suzanne Mattaboni of CommCentric Solutions for specifics and contact information re: the above cases at 610 261-4560,

The Network Detective HIPAA module and the product line's additional network assessment modules are available for license at the website.

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Network Detective is the number one non-invasive IT assessment tool, used by thousands of service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, Network Detective includes a series of IT assessment and compliance modules that acquire a vast amount of network data -- including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities -- all without installing any software, probes, or agents. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate.

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