OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 21, 2015) - Forty-nine families have formed SOS Beausoleil in the hopes of saving Beausoleil Child Care Centre located in Ottawa's Lowertown. The centre's closure was announced to the parents and staff on July 9 by City of Ottawa representatives.

The announcement was made in response to planned repairs to the building that houses the centre.

The 100 per cent francophone child care centre was started almost forty-five years ago and provides child care services of exceptional quality to residents of Lowertown and Sandy Hill. The loss of Beausoleil Child Care Centre is a tragedy for the entire francophone community in Ottawa.

"My three children have attended Beausoleil. It is a francophone institution," declared Mrs. Renée Soublière, a parent whose child attends the centre. "Beausoleil is essential as a learning centre for francophone children in their first years of development. I cannot believe that the City would dare close it. It is inconceivable that a temporary solution has not been explored.

SOS Beausoleil is demanding the relocation of Beausoleil Child Care Center during the renovations to the building, even if it is necessary to delay them. The Center was subject to several relocations during its history. The City claims to have found out too late to relocate the Center, while the parents remain incredulous that the City was unaware until the last minute of a project of such a scope.

"The loss of child care services for forty-nine francophone children in our community, of which forty-five places are dedicated to low-income families, represents a double loss," declared Mr. Étienne Trépanier, whose two children attended Beausoleil. "We already have a lot of difficulty finding child care services in francophone settings for our children. There are long waiting lists," he added.

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Etienne Trepanier: 819-598-2800
Renee Soubliere: 613-241-6749