LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - July 21, 2015) - The proliferation of the smartphone means billions of people are carrying a sensitive, data-gathering supercomputer in their pockets. And that could give the world of medical research a massive shot in the arm. The latest issue of The New Economy looks at Apple's ResearchKit and whether experts can harness the capabilities of mobile devices and wearables to improve our health and wellbeing.

Both relatively simple and easily accessible, Apple's ResearchKit enables the medical research community to create apps that meet the needs of their profession and their patients. Utilising big data through smartphones, researchers can collect more information and on a wider scope than ever before, eliminating one of the major obstacles standing in the way of improved health monitoring. Beyond the ResearchKit, The New Economy report asks how the advent of the smartphone and big data could improve health and wellbeing on a global scale.

"We are in a revolution right now", says Professor Patricia Ganz, Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Fielding School of Public Health to The New Economy. "If you look at how we are going to work with patients or healthy people, it's going to be much more interactive. There's a whole movement towards patient-centred care and patient engagement."

Also in the new issue of The New Economy, we look at the music streaming industry, and how newcomers such as Apple Music mark a sea change in the way record labels and artists make their money. We also delve into the world of luxury goods and ask why so many brands have been so slow to go digital, and elsewhere we introduce four of the biggest tech writers at work currently and explore what they can teach us about being human in 2015.

To read any of these stories and many more on the subjects of technology, business, energy and strategy, read the latest issue of The New Economy, available online and in print now.

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