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Dear Shareholders,

I am excited to report to you our near-term progress as it relates to our operating businesses and stock. Included in this update you will find details regarding the LOI of TeleMend Medical and its implications for the Company and its shareholders as well as additional items of shareholder interest. 

After continued diligence with the TeleMend Medical ("TeleMend") team, we have executed an expanded LOI to acquire all of the assets of the operations and to absorb their operational team to continue to manage these assets.

As a former licensed nursing home administrator, my vision is to create a fully integrated healthcare technology management firm dedicated to the enhancement of chronic long-term health care. While most progress in medicine has occurred at the surgical and therapeutic fronts, I believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a shift in the focus of healthcare delivery to chronic/sub-acute care solutions. 

Our first acquisition is very much synergistic with this vision; TeleMend employs proven concepts to optimize healthcare delivery models aimed to promote quality-of-care and outcomes while minimizing costs. Their momentum comes from their ability to develop solutions ahead of current industry needs. TeleMend plans to expand its expertise into areas such as information technology, population health, clinical decision support, and data analytics.

Revenue from TeleMend will be realized through their two operational divisions: onsite dental service management and clinical engineering (CE). Dental has produced $290,000 in revenue through May 2015 and projects $550,000 for June-December, for a year-end total of $840,000. CE has revenues totaling $205,000 through May with an additional $205,000 projected through the end of the year. Both dental and CE revenue is funded through state government contracts and accounts; thus, these projections have a high likelihood of being realized within a small margin.

There is a tremendous opportunity for us going forward. In a recent article published at Business Insider, a report from Goldman Sachs estimates the near term savings via digital healthcare is $305 Billion and near term revenue opportunities of $32 Billion for the digital healthcare market. According to Goldman Sachs, Supurva is in the right place at the right time. I encourage readers to read the article for themselves.

Beyond operations and revenue, I am enthused that Sheneka Rains will join us as COO; she previously served as the VP of Clinical Engineering at Rosellini Scientific Rains before taking the role of CEO at TeleMend. Ms. Rains' extensive experience of creating and implementing lean processes will be pivotal in supporting future growth via additional acquisitions. Ms. Rains will contribute to the leadership team, as she too shares our vision of a fully integrated healthcare system. "TeleMends's model is unlike any we've seen in that we've chosen to be proactive in coupling expert healthcare providers with clinical engineers," stated Ms. Rains. "This has given us a platform to improve operations and support rapid growth. Teaming up with Supurva will allow us to continue to anticipate the healthcare needs as the general population changes; we will be able to continue to create innovative service and technology solutions that facilitate patient autonomy." 

Beyond the details of this LOI, I am positioning the company to pursue the route of becoming a fully reporting company. We can all acknowledge that penny stocks are wrought with fraud and scams. Our team has worked hard to get our financials transparent and to buy-out the shareholders who did not see our vision for the future. We have also strategically partnered with a first acquisition candidate that has a very public and very credible background in the healthcare space. Our next steps include attracting like-minded institutional investors to drive our share price even higher, reflecting what we think is the intrinsic value of the business. We have set our sights on the ambitious goal of getting up-listed in the near future. 

To further emphasize, I am committed to this Company via our aggressive, short-term growth goals as well as our long-term, strategic vision. This is a very exciting and challenging time in healthcare, and I am glad you have put your trust in me to lead the Company.

Thank you to all of our loyal shareholders. I will keep you updated as developments arise with the Company, but please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have.


Gerard Danos
CEO, Supurva Healthcare Group, Inc.

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