NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 21, 2015) - Klick Push today announced that it has expanded its footprint into the fast growing email marketing space through partnerships with Sailthru, Oracle's Responsys, and Emma. Through these partnerships, email marketers can now use Klick Push's AdJams platform and music to connect with users across their omnichannel journey to help drive engagement and revenue for their brands.

"These partnerships will allow email marketers to use music as a form of content, more seamlessly and with scale, across user acquisition and re-marketing initiatives while increasing ecommerce revenue and marketing ROI," said Ben Jorgensen, co-founder of Klick Push. "By working with industry leading email marketing platforms, Klick Push is opening up use and adoption of its Adjams platform to thousands of potential marketers that are new to Klick Push." 

Adjams for email provides automated marketing services that allow marketers to use curated music as dynamic content across customer segments, or at the individual level, in their email acquisition and retention initiatives. For example, through our partner integrations, users will be sent music that is curated specifically for them. As users interact with the music, Klick Push will transfer individual user data back to the marketer's email service provider account, which is stored for future use remarketing purposes. Based on the music content consumers engage with, Klick Push can activate these preferences and insights for remarketing purposes and marketers can simultaneously automate the personalization of content based on an individual user's music preferences and other behavioral attributes.

Marketers can use Klick Push's music content for the following: Customer Acquisition, acquiring new users by using engaging and interactive music; Retention/Loyalty, marketers can look to leverage music as a personal and instantly redeemable promotion; Reactivation, marketers looking to ignite users that were once active users and have since gone dormant via engaging content.

"The content that attracts today's consumer is wide ranging. By partnering with Klick Push, Sailthru customers can now use music as a form of digital content to augment their existing libraries of products and media," said Ed Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, Sailthru. "Sailthru customers have access to an incredibly deep, rich customer data set. Adding music preferences to individual level user profiles opens up yet another dimension in personalization so that marketers can continue to retain more customers and generate more revenue from their most engaged customers while finding new ways to re-engage lapsed buyers."

"Whether Adjams is used as a customer growth tool or as part of a 'surprise and delight' program for retaining customers, Emma, Inc. sees huge value in how Klick Push has envisioned the use of data driven music content," says Simon O'Day, VP Partnerships at Emma, Inc. "This directly relates to how Emma wants to support the modern marketer's need to connect to 'what matters' and achieve success across ecommerce and ROI. We are excited to connect Klick Push to our growing list of product integrations and help connect our 50,000 customers closer to Adjams."

About Klick Push

Based in San Francisco, Klick Push is a marketing automation technology that leverages digital music as content to increase performance. Klick Push helps marketers solve the problem of creating an engaging and revenue producing marketing experience with the consumer.

Through partnerships with music companies, such as Sony Entertainment, we enable marketers to leverage digital music, which consumers can stream and download, as curated content across their targeted marketing automation and advertising initiatives.

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