SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - July 22, 2015) - FatPipe Inc, the inventor of software defined networks for wide area connectivity and hybrid WANs, announced an enhancement to their product line -- FatPipe Symphony with Orchestration.

This solution for the hybrid, software-defined WAN market is built on FatPipe's patented MPSec technology which has been deployed in over several thousand customer sites across 6 continents. Symphony enhances MPSec, simplifying deployment with a zero-touch install at the branch. This product comes in 3 different deployment models to meet any enterprise's security or policy needs. Symphony's orchestrator can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or as a service allowing maximum flexibility in deployment, security and cost. FatPipe has been deployed at numerous Fortune 1000 companies as well as smaller companies.

"We are excited to announce a new feature addition to FatPipe's product offering to further simplify management of a network with multiple branches," said Ms. Sanch Datta, CTO of FatPipe Inc. "This new feature enhances FatPipe's current product line by adding the option for zero-touch installation which enables rapid deployment of multiple branch sites and will soon be available to all of our customers."

"It is exciting to see the market shift toward the hybrid WAN that FatPipe invented and has been evangelizing over the past 15 years," commented Dr. Ragula Bhaskar, CEO of FatPipe Inc. "Zero-touch deployment will further simplify branch network management for our customers and we are proud to couple it with our portfolio of 11 patented technologies and over 180 technological innovations. Newly emerging SD-WAN companies should be mindful of these patents. With vast experience in deploying over a wide range of networks, FatPipe can actually solve customer problems."

He further added, "If an end user company is looking at deploying an SD-WAN for their network, it makes sense for them to look at FatPipe first as it has the most mature products, the largest deployment base from DoD to your local companies, and also holds the patents to the space. While newcomers have 'discovered' SD-WANs and hybrid networking, end users should look for a stable and profitable company which own the patents in the space so that they do not run afoul of patents. In addition, they have to look at whether the company has local partners who provide local support if needed at the branch locations."

In support of this new zero-touch installation option at branch locations, such as retail locations, FatPipe is also introducing new hardware form factors for the retail branch. This combination of central orchestration, zero-touch installation and the new hardware allows for a simple and cost effective way to upgrade branch locations into a hybrid, software-defined WAN.

FatPipe® Networks founders Dr. Ragula Bhaskar and Sanchaita Datta invented the concept of software defined wide area networking and hybrid WANs that eliminates the need for hardware and software, or cooperation from ISPs and allows companies to control WAN traffic. FatPipe currently has 11 U.S. patents and over 180 technology claims related to multipath, software defined networking. FatPipe technology provides the world's best intra-corporate wide area network solutions that transcend Internet and other network failures to maintain business continuity and high transmission security. FatPipe has offices in the United States, and around the world, with over 700 resellers worldwide including almost all national resellers in the US.

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