TOPSFIELD, MA--(Marketwired - July 22, 2015) - BrainSell continues their summertime SugarCRM Best Practice Series by comparing Sugar to the most popular platform in the industry -- Salesforce. This session will focus on how the latest version of Sugar, 7.6, compares to the latest version of Salesforce in 2015. Their next session will be Wednesday, August 5, 2015 from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT. BrainSell's Executive Vice President, Sonja Fridell (representing Sugar) and Senior Engineer and Business Analyst, Ric Palmer (representing Salesforce) will be hosting the comparison webinar. Sonja and Ric will challenge each other on what makes each software platform better than the other.

BrainSell, a value-added reseller of business software, will be holding their third of a four-part summer series on all things SugarCRM. As partners of both SugarCRM and Salesforce, there is no better group to demonstrate the capabilities of each CRM tool as they square off against each other in a "versus" matchup. BrainSell will go through a day in the life of each product.

It's hard to evaluate Sugar as a valuable tool without inevitably crossing paths with Salesforce. Since Sugar became the fastest-growing CRM product in the industry, more and more companies are switching over to Sugar, which they consider to be the most apples-to-apples tool in comparison to Salesforce. Ric Palmer, a BrainSell Senior Engineer and Business Analyst who will be hosting the webinar, mentions, "Salesforce has long been the industry standard." Said Palmer, "Sugar is finding ways to mimic Salesforce while differentiating itself with other features." Sugar's latest version, 7.6, aims to be the latest differentiator in the ongoing battle between CRM companies.

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After going through a day in the life of each platform, BrainSell will first go into what's new in Sugar 7.6 and then dive into a full pricing comparison for each edition of Salesforce and Sugar. Both Salesforce and Sugar have also have available Outlook and Gmail connectors, which Palmer and Fridell will be actively comparing throughout the course of the webinar.

Salesforce and SugarCRM both build their CRM platforms on a separate architecture. Salesforce relies on a multi-tenant (everyone logs into the same URL), APEX-based database. Sugar operates on a single-tenant (one URL per instance), PHP-based database. BrainSell will also detail what each framework means to the end user.

Ultimately, each CRM platform is a very good tool; however, different organizations have different needs. The goal of the webinar is to bring the solution that is better for your own organization to light.

Detailed in the "Versus" webinar:

  • What's new in Sugar 7.6
  • Pricing comparison
  • Software architecture
  • Is one really BETTER?

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See a replay of the second session of the series from July 8, 2015, "Marketing User Best Practices" here:

Even if you are not considering a switch to a new CRM or migrating from one to the other, you will be sure to find interesting facts and new ways to use CRM platforms. BrainSell's seasoned team will show you in the most objective way possible why Salesforce or Sugar is the best tool on the market.

Evaluating any potential CRM software should be a carefully deliberated undertaking. BrainSell hopes this webinar will make those decisions easier by comparing the two most popular CRM platforms on the market. To join the webinar head to or register at the links above.

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