WILTON, CT--(Marketwired - Jul 23, 2015) -  Smokers who want to break their cigarette habit without going "cold turkey" now have a new way of achieving success.

NicoBloc, an innovative smoking-cessation product developed in Ireland, is now available in the United States. NicoBloc (www.nicoblocusa.com) helps reduce the harmful effects of smoking even as you gradually wean yourself off the nicotine addiction.

"We truly believe it's a product that can save lives," says Kent Atherton, founder and CEO of Bloc Enterprises, which owns the exclusive distribution rights for NicoBloc in the U.S.

NicoBloc is already available to consumers online at www.nicoblocusa.com, and starting this fall also will be sold at major drug retail chains.

Here's how it works: A drop or more of the NicoBloc solution is applied to the filter of the cigarette, where the fluid creates a barrier to trap much of the tar and nicotine before they reach the smoker. A smoker who uses NicoBloc before smoking each cigarette can decrease his or her intake of chemicals from smoking over time, rather than trying to stop smoking all at once.

That way the body can adjust to lower levels of nicotine in a gentler manner and gradually recover from the damaging effects of tar. Another plus is that NicoBloc, which can be purchased without prescription, is made of all natural products and contains no chemicals.

Kicking the smoking habit without going "cold turkey" is one of the ways NicoBloc is different from nicotine-replacement products that require a smoker to stop at once.

By allowing people to end the habit gradually, NicoBloc helps reduce the nicotine-withdrawal symptoms -- such as lethargy, dizziness, nausea and headaches -- smokers often experience when they try to quit.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are one reason many smokers are unsuccessful in their efforts to quit.

"There's a great need for a product like NicoBloc," Atherton says. "Even though the percentage of smokers in the U.S. is declining, smoking still poses a major health risk for millions of Americans."

About NicoBloc
NicoBloc (www.nicoblocusa.com) is a patented, prescription-free fluid applied directly to cigarette filter and the only proven product that helps people quit gradually while smoking their own brand. NicoBloc is 100 percent drug-free, made from natural food grade ingredients and blocks up to 99 percent of tar and nicotine, all with no side effects.

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