IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 27, 2015) - NuGene International, Inc. ("NuGene") (OTCQB: NUGN), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced skin and hair care lines utilizing adipose derived human stem cells and stem cell media, is preparing to introduce innovative new wound treatments that for the first time combines the healing qualities of micro-current stimulation with the rejuvenating properties of stem cell media.

According to the National Institute of Health, the epidermis (skin tissue) maintains a "skin battery" that generates an electric field and current flow when wounded. In certain experiments, a number of models demonstrated that a majority of the cell types within the wound can sense an electric field in the range of that internally generated in the wound and respond with a variety of biological and functional responses that can contribute to healing.

NuGene plans to utilize existing technology that introduces similar electrical micro-currents to wound areas to enhance skin healing by promoting cell migration and regeneration of skin tissue. The addition of NuGene's stem cell media is intended to be a complement to the electrical stimulus, providing an optimal environment for healing.

The product will be developed under the NuGene Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. ("BioPharma") subsidiary. BioPharma previously announced the acquisition of SkinGuardian®, an FDA-permitted (monographed) skin protectant, antiseptic, and moisturizing topical cream. SkinGuardian provides an antimicrobial composition that may be used against a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, prions and viruses. It serves as an effective guard for damaged and/or undamaged skin, and as an effective guard against infections.

"We believe that we have the opportunity to create a new standard of care for the treatment of wounds and certain medical conditions," stated Ali Kharazmi, CEO of NuGene. "We will continue to direct our research team to identify and develop new ways to utilize our proprietary stem cell technologies."

About NuGene, Inc.
NuGene International, Inc. specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing proprietary regenerative cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products based on adipose derived human stem cell and human stem cell media. The US Department of Health and Human Services calls regenerative medicine the "next evolution of medical treatments." The regenerative medical market which includes cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals was estimated at $7.2 Billion in the US in 2014 and is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years according to RNCOS Business Consultancy Services Global Cosmeceuticals Market report. NuGene's cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products are based on proprietary stem cell based regenerative formulations derived from non-controversial, adult human stem cell derived media obtained from adipose tissue. NuGene's exclusive products combine its in-house advancements, proprietary technologies, and patent pending formulations. The company has four patents pending covering 15 unique applications. NuGene's goal is to leverage its knowledge and expertise to develop age defying cosmeceutical skincare and hair care products in addition to pharmaceutical products based on the same regenerative science platform.

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