MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) -  Authentic8, the leading provider of virtual browsers for the enterprise, has released secure, cloud storage options for organizations seeking to manage sensitive files. Authentic8 Cloud Storage combines an encrypted, cloud-based storage solution with a secure and policy-controlled browser, allowing organizations of all types to implement complete control over their data.

"Businesses rely on the browser for everything from email and productivity apps to mission-critical DevOps configurations," says Ramesh Rajagopal, co-founder and President of Authentic8. "The dependence on local devices for file storage can lead to data breaches and ransomware infections. Authentic8 Cloud Storage gives IT administrators the ability to prevent data loss and malware infections by integrating a cloud-based file system directly into a secure and authenticated browser. Standalone browsers and standalone cloud storage solutions are effective, but it is the linkage between the two that makes the Authentic8 solution unique."

With the release of Cloud Storage, customers have the ability to provision encrypted storage space and control file-system access on a per-user level. Configuration options include:

  • Per-User Storage -- created for each individual user
  • Shared Storage -- shared within a group of users
  • Temporary Storage -- created at session start and purged at session end
  • Local Device Storage -- traditional access to the file system of the local device
  • File Encryption -- each storage partition is encrypted with a unique, customer-specific key
  • Retention Period -- automatic deletion of files after a specified time period

Cloud Storage is available now as an add-on to a Silo subscription, and administrators can deploy Cloud Storage to some or all users based on policy configurations in Silo. Contact Authentic8 for more information.

About Authentic8
Founded in 2010 by principals from Postini, Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access sensitive web data. Silo, our flagship product, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo secures access to sensitive sites, creating an insulation layer between the computer and the web service. Silo helps manage login credentials, access controls and data use policies. Silo is built fresh at session start, and destroyed at session end, ensuring that users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Try Silo risk free at

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