PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) -  NueVision ICS is a promotional marketing firm which works with fortune 500 retailers to promote the products and services of their main clients. The company specializes in providing a personal form of branding, direct marketing, and customer acquisition. As one of the fasted growing marketing firms in the state, NueVision ICS has recently pioneered the concept of management training from within the company through an in-house mentorship program offered to top notch employees on a management track. The key to the program's success lies in Market Manager, Shodel Waites', approach to developing his organization by allowing entry managers to develop and coach their own teams in a supervised and interactive setting.

Teambuilding is the cornerstone of becoming a great manager. NueVision's manager trainees must prove that they can handle the extra responsibility of helping to duplicate themselves and encourage others from within the program to reach for more and set goals from within the company. Team Leader, Jarret Cole, shared his experience as an up and coming manager trainee at NueVision ICS, stating, "Being a leader is about having the right answers and being able to apply them to the real world. I have tried to train people in the past by a 'do as I do' mentality. This company has shown me that you have to be dynamic if you want to be able to appeal to everyone." By allowing trainees to build up their management skills gradually, Waites helps to prepare them for challenging students and handling situation with people who handle situations differently than their new manager might.

When asked if this program prepared them for leadership, several NueVision Site Supervisors exclaimed that the program had helped develop their management skills in ways that they had not initially anticipated. Dorian Lair asserted, "Absolutely. It teaches us to be accountable for our representatives, how to be a positive and professional role model for new employees, we run interviews and training classes, and it shows us how to properly manage our teams while managing ourselves as well." Management training at NueVision uses a step-ladder training method to encourage employees pushing for management to make sure that they can handle the workload of building a team while maintaining their own personal standards of achievement.

A huge part of the NueVision ICS mentorship program's success comes from the overall environment that leaders like Waites, Cole, and Lair work hard to create. Another up and coming trainee, Gerardo Gonzalez, shared his experience as an in-house trainee by stating, "The dynamic at this company is pretty amazing. The team work and environment created by management allows us to have fun and still be professional while working for a company lead with integrity. This is by far the best job I have ever had." With a strong leadership core like this one, NueVision ICS has been able to uphold its high standards for promotion and maintain a positive, productive, and energetic environment at the office.

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