OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) - Yozio, the company powering organic growth for mobile apps, today unveiled a more holistic way of measuring the impact of their customer's marketing campaigns built on Yozio SuperLinks. Yozio's new Deep Link Drill Down -- a part of its updated and expanded analytics dashboard -- breaks out clicks, installs, deep linking, and conversions for both new and existing mobile app users. The company also announced today that it has completed a $7 million Series A round of funding and will use the capital to help businesses around the world grow, activate, and convert their mobile user base.

The goal of mobile growth is to increase user acquisition, engagement, and conversion events like in-app signups and purchases. The best way to do this is first to understand the source of such events from organic channels like email, mobile web, and social. The next step is to remove friction on the path to conversion from non-user to valuable user. Yozio SuperLinks, an advanced form of deep linking, gives growth managers insight into these sources while reducing friction for users, enabling them to better optimize their mobile marketing and growth campaigns. Until now, it's been difficult to understand if signups and purchases were completed by a new app user or someone who has been using the app for a while. With Deep Link Drill Down, Yozio customers are now empowered to make even smarter decisions about growth campaigns and channels by leveraging granular data on deep links and conversions.

Yozio Deep Link Drill Down -- the most comprehensive mobile attribution analytics -- enables mobile growth teams to:

  • Gain better insight into campaign performance -- By breaking out clicks and conversions (such as in-app signups, purchases, and cart additions) for any given Yozio SuperLink, marketers can compare performance for new app users and existing app users
  • Measure and optimize marketing campaigns by channel -- Easily compare channels from the same marketing campaign to understand which channel is better suited for engagement versus new app user acquisition
  • Test and optimize messaging for install and engagement campaigns -- Teams focused on growth can to learn what resonates best with their target audience

"Accurately measuring the source of installs and in-app conversions is imperative to mobile growth," said Li Hong, cofounder and CTO of Yozio. "With Deep Link Drill Down, Yozio not only gives visibility into which campaigns are driving clicks, installs, and in-app conversions, it also gives the industry's most detailed deep link analytics to understand the impact of campaigns and channels on driving existing and new user conversion."

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Yozio helps mobile growth, marketing, and product teams crack the code on organic mobile growth. The Yozio Mobile Growth Platform combines powerful app measurement, deep linking, optimization, and personalization tools to help businesses drive massive increases in mobile user acquisition and conversions at a fraction of the cost of paid acquisition channels. From small startups to some of world's most popular brands -- including Airbnb, Etsy, and Pinterest -- Yozio's customers have created more than 300 million unique links and driven more than 75 million app installs without spending money on ads. Learn more at www.yozio.com.

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