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The digital economy is changing the realities of our everyday lives. In today's labour market, young adults who have not had the occasion to develop digital experience and skills can face barriers when looking for employment. By providing young Canadians with specialized training, the Government of Canada is helping them gain knowledge and important hands-on work experience so that they can successfully build their career path to high-skill employment opportunities.

Today, the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, on behalf of the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, announced that Communautique will receive $1,057,538 in funding through the Youth Internship (YI) Program. Communautique is a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing citizen participation and economic and social development through information and communications technologies (ICT). It supports community engagement by promoting digital literacy, the adoption of ICTs and the development of related tools.

Funding provided through the YI Program will offset costs associated with hiring youth interns. These interns will in turn benefit from on-the-job work experience and ultimately improve their employability and marketability in the digital and knowledge-based economy.

The YI Program is one of several work experience programs administered by the Government of Canada and supports Digital Canada 150, a plan for ensuring Canada can take full advantage of the economic opportunities of the digital age.

Quick facts

  • This year, two not-for-profit organizations in Quebec are receiving approximately $2.1 million through the Youth Internship (YI) Program to support the development of youth interns.

  • Each year, the YI Program supports about 1,000 young Canadians who intern for not-for-profit organizations and gain experience in the area of information and communications technologies (ICT).

  • The internships are intended to provide employment opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30, primarily students and recent graduates.

  • In addition, these internships help create jobs and other social, educational and economic benefits for Canadians that arise from the expanded use of ICTs.

  • Internships are professional positions that help inexperienced workers get the training they need to help them successfully transition to the workforce.

  • The YI Program is coordinated by Industry Canada and is funded through the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy, which is overseen by Employment and Social Development Canada.


"This funding demonstrates that our government is committed to ensuring that Canadian youth have the real-life skills needed to fully participate in today's digital global economy. The Youth Internship Program provides the tools and the expertise needed to build on foundations and set youth on the path to success. Programs like these are a great example of not-for-profits and the Government coming together to support our communities and youth."

- The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec

"In a world where technology should serve all dimensions of our lives, the need for such a program is growing. For our youth, it represents an opportunity to acquire new skill sets, to achieve their full potential in the field of information and communication technologies and to contribute to the social and economic development of Quebec."

- Monique Chartrand, Director General, Communautique

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