PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) - Puppet Labs, the leading provider of IT automation software, today announces the availability of the Puppet Labs vSphere module which enables the use of infrastructure as code to manage vSphere virtual infrastructure. The new supported module, available exclusively to Puppet Enterprise customers, gives administrators the ability to automate the creation, configuration, and decommissioning of vSphere virtual infrastructure, increasing operational efficiency and cross-team collaboration while minimizing human error.

Before today, provisioning vSphere virtual machines was a slow, inefficient process. Virtual infrastructure administrators respond to requests for virtual machines by manually creating and configuring the requested infrastructure. This often results in lengthy lead times due to communication overhead as errors are discovered and corrected. Additionally, as an application evolves, the virtual infrastructure requirements change. Using the vSphere module, changes are documented in the infrastructure code, eliminating the need to manually update documentation every time application requirements change.

"As organizations struggle to increase their product delivery speed, they find one of the slowest parts of the process is manually provisioning new virtual infrastructure," said Nigel Kersten, CIO of Puppet Labs. "The new vSphere module eliminates this bottleneck, meaning businesses can focus on shipping great software to customers faster."

The new Puppet Labs vSphere module enables application and system administrators to reduce VM delivery times from days, weeks, or months to just minutes. The module enables virtual infrastructure to be modeled in the same, familiar way all other infrastructure is modeled with Puppet. Now, administrators simply define the desired state the virtual infrastructure should be in and Puppet automatically determines the necessary steps to bring the virtual infrastructure into compliance. With Puppet Enterprise, virtual administrators can dramatically increase the speed at which the business can deliver to its customers.

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