WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) - Medytox Solutions, Inc., which owns and operates a diverse family of healthcare companies, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Medical Mime, Inc. has entered into its first contracts for the deployment of its newly developed M2Select electronic health record product (EHR). Medical Mime, Inc. has designed M2Select as a customized EHR platform to service the needs of behavioral health rehabilitation and treatment facilities.

"We have made a significant investment in developing and testing M2Select," said Seamus Lagan, CEO of Medytox Solutions, Inc. "Offering this new solution to medical providers expands our revenue and growth opportunities, and it is exciting to see that effort producing a completed product, which in turn is converting into sales."

"Behavioral health rehabilitation and treatment facilities make up a significant part of our current customers, and the increased needs for technology and electronic communication solutions by all medical providers offers an opportunity for our IT and software subsidiaries," Mr. Lagan added.

"M2Select offers a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, EHR solution for our business. Ease of use combined with efficiency for our doctors and staff is a key element of providing better healthcare for our patients," said Lawrence Hawkins, CEO of Q Health, a cutting-edge behavioral health company. "We have made a good choice by choosing Medytox as a service provider to our facilities."

Medytox Solutions has enjoyed rapid growth through 2015 with the opening of their newest lab in Riviera Beach, Florida, and their pending merger with San Francisco-based CollabRx, which provides cancer treatment information based on the genetic analyses of patients' cancer types. This proposed merger is intended to result in a full NASDAQ listing for the company. Medytox continues to explore opportunities to expand its diversified business focused on diagnostic laboratories, EHR software, physician billing, and healthcare finance.

For more information about Medytox Solutions, Inc., Medical Mime, and M2Select, please call Meieli Sawyer at 305-668-0070 or msawyer@weinbachgroup.com.

About Medytox Solutions, Inc.
Medytox Solutions Inc. (OTCQB: MMMS) Medytox Solutions, Inc. represents a new generation in healthcare -- where integration leads to higher quality, better outcomes, and greater profitability. Today, Medytox applies its innovative approach to a growing family of companies that includes health IT and analytics, electronic health records software, medical billing, health-sector financing, and a large network of clinical laboratories serving healthcare and mental health providers.

About Medical Mime
Founded in 2010 by David Cooper and William Verhoeven, Medical Mime develops and markets cloud-based, electronic medical records (EHR), that use dictation-based note taking rather than template-based systems that rely on keyboard or touchscreen data entry. The company's easy-to-use software has been adopted by physicians in a range of medical specialties, including primary care, and a recent version was launched to serve therapists working in drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Medical Mime's software certified for Meaningful Use Phase I and pending certification for Meaningful Use Phase II.

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