TOPSFIELD, MA--(Marketwired - July 29, 2015) - BrainLink for Outlook allows users of SugarCRM and Microsoft outlook to enable a two way sync of information from their CRM database to their outlook environment. BrainSell -- the company who created BrainLink, released BrainLink version 2.6 on July 27, 2015, which promises to be the best version yet. BrainLink allows users of SugarCRM to sync and integrate contacts, calls, tasks and more within Outlook.

BrainSell aimed to solve one of the biggest user issues within the SugarCRM universe when it launched BrainLink in July of 2014, which had the ability to fully sync Microsoft Outlook to the popular CRM product. Archiving emails with Sugar’s out-of-the-box Outlook integration is limited in features; and syncing cases, opportunities and tasks is not a possibility. The amount of data entry required (especially entry of data already stored in Outlook) is significantly reduced using BrainLink, and version 2.6 has even more improvements over the existing version.

For current SugarCRM users, you can get your hands on a BrainLink trial here:

Download Trial of BrainLink 2.6

BrainLink makes archiving emails and contacts in SugarCRM a snap. The system relies on a “sync pane” that allows users to perform a variety of tasks they could normally only perform in Sugar from directly within Outlook. The sync pane allows import of all custom modules from Sugar and also allows creation of new lead, contact and account records on the fly.

Here is a full list of BrainLink 2.6 release notes:

  • During sync of items related to accounts (contacts, opportunities, cases etc.), if parent account was not previously synced, BrainLink will automatically sync the item -- This ensures accounts that other records are related to will always exist in Outlook.
  • When creating a case or opportunity from emails -- the email body is automatically copied into the description of the case / opportunity.
  • Ability to create a case or opportunity upon archiving emails -- your sales team will love this! When you reply back to an email you can create an opportunity. You can now also create a case when archiving an email. Both cases and opportunities will have your custom fields as designed in SugarCRM.
  • Required fields enforced on all modules -- One of the powerful aspects of SugarCRM is the ability to create custom fields and have them required. BrainLink will now carry over all of the rules you have developed and enforce them.
  • Meetings in Sugar will automatically be deleted from your calendar when they are deleted from your Outlook calendar.
  • BrainLink now supports and integrates recurring meetings into your Sugar calendar.
  • When you receive and archive an email from a contact that the system does not recognize, it will allow user to create contact/lead or associate with specific record (no need for separate action from sync pane).
  • When users switches off sync for contacts/calendar/tasks, we switch off the form region in Outlook (bottom part of the Outlook from that contains the Sugar data).
  • Auto removal of dead/converted leads from Outlook.

Even seasoned users of Sugar are going to save tons of time and energy using BrainLink’s integration. The amount of time you spend jumping back and forth between Outlook and Sugar can really add up, especially when you’re duplicating your efforts doing the exact same tasks (like putting in a meeting in your Sugar Calendar, turning around and creating the same meeting in your Outlook Calendar). In an ideal world, your Sugar and Outlook calendars should look exactly the same.

To find out more information about BrainLink, go to BrianSell’s product overview here:

BrainLink 2.6 Product Overview

Deven Pearson, BrainSell’s Sales Development Manager heads up BrainLink onboarding for BrainSell. So far, the benefit among BrainLink users presents a staggering amount of time savings and saves countless headaches. “Giving the ability for people in Outlook to continue using it with the added features of Sugar saves tons of time and keeps users happy,” said Pearson “People become happy CRM users when they save time and energy. Over the course of days, weeks or years, the time savings in BrainLink amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of man hours. We estimate a tenfold return to the initial investment of BrainLink.” BrainSell estimates that BrainLink will save each user at least twenty minutes per day. This adds up to about 85 man-hours per year of savings just from using BrainLink.

At $12 / per user / per month, BrainLink is a tool affordable for all users, and works well with all versions of Sugar (Sugar CE, Professional and Enterprise). For more information about BrainLink and BrainSell’s related SugarCRM consulting work, check out their website at

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