Advantage LED Signs Joins Forces With Vantage LED to Better Serve Dealer Partner Network

Advantage LED Signs has been a successful partner selling the innovative Vantage LED product from their home office in Houston, TX. Beginning Aug 1st, the Advantage organization will move to California to serve as a training and support role for Vantage LED's existing and future dealer partners.

ONTARIO, CA--(Marketwired - July 29, 2015) - Advantage LED Signs was established in 2009 opening their doors in Houston, TX. They have grown substantially over the years selling the Vantage LED product to businesses and organizations nationwide as a turnkey provider. They have been very successful in educating clients and providing on-premise advertising solutions from design to installation. Their dedication as being a “one source” company for their clients has not gone unnoticed. Today, Vantage LED announces a new synergistic partnership with Advantage bringing them to California to help guide, train, and be a resource to their dealer partner network.

“This is a huge transition for Advantage LED Signs, but one that will benefit them and the Vantage organization tremendously. We can better utilize everyone’s talents to better serve our dealer partner network as well as support end-users of our product,” stated Chris Ma, Founder and CEO of Vantage LED.

On August 1st, Advantage LED will be located in the west wing of the Vantage LED campus and will resume operations as normal selling, installing, and supporting LED signs for new and existing clients, but they will also be in a support role to Vantage LED’s dealer partner network. While they will be a training resource for new dealer partners coming onboard at Vantage, they will also be available to help current dealer partners with software training, client demos, drawings, and other valuable resources to help them close sales.

Chris Ma continued, “What better way to train new dealer partners and assist our current dealer partners than with an organization who literally knows what their facing in the field every day. And while they will be operating as their own entity, we will ensure that they will not be directly competing with any of our dealer partners.”

Vantage LED instituted a new internal “Vantage Partner Program” for their sales team to ensure their dealer partners will not find themselves competing directly with Advantage LED. In fact, Advantage LED will not only step aside in a competing situation, they will collaborate with the local dealer partner and assist them in supporting the client.

Josie Salitrero, National Sales Manager for Vantage LED stated, “Advantage has always been a sticking point for our dealer partners, because they are a retail arm for Vantage LED to sell in areas where we have no dealer representation. It’s not a flawless system, but now with Advantage essentially in-house, we’re able to better coordinate and communicate with both parties helping the end user find the best solution.”

This partnership stems from the importance both organizations place on educating and supporting dealer partners and their clients about the power of on-premise advertising with LED Signs as well as being an even stronger resource in the industry. With Vantage LED’s latest innovations of cloud-based software, flexible terms, and breaking an industry standard with a 7 year parts warranty and 7 year onsite service, they continue to rattle this industry in the best interest of their partners and the end-user.

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