MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwired - Aug. 3, 2015) - The first Montreal Bitcoin Expo is the most anticipated event of the year for people interested in the emergence and rapid rise of Bitcoin as the world's most widely accepted cryptocurrency. The 1st edition of the Montreal Bitcoin Expo will take place from August 21st to the 23rd, 2015, at the Centre Mont Royal (2200, Mansfield street, Montreal) and entrance is free for everyone.

Cryptocurrencies are basically encrypted digital "money" used for online transactions as an alternative method to traditional centralized currencies. Bitcoin is the largest by far in terms of market share and the Montreal Bitcoin Expo was launched to provide an open window into its universe and future. Visitors will have an unprecedented opportunity to discover everything there is to learn about the cryptocurrency, attend panels by leading experts on a variety of Bitcoin-related subjects, and interact with numerous businesses that currently trade with Bitcoins.

Panel discussions will range from tutorials on how to use the cryptocurrency to more advanced topics for veteran Bitcoin users. The event will bring together many local and international pioneers of the Bitcoin world, and a variety of businesses that offer services to local Bitcoin merchants. As a whole, the show promises to help attendees grasp the magnitude of Bitcoin's impact on the traditional financial system and on the near future of everyday transactions.

The Montreal Bitcoin Expo was co-founded by Chris Chadillon, the Chief Technology Officer of Monecoin and a Computer Sciences graduate from McGill University. Between business commitments, Chris has spent the past twenty years teaching at the university and college levels and as a successful business consultant with an expertise on mobile application development, which are both activities that have kept him at the cutting edge of the ongoing digital revolution. His personal interest in Bitcoin dates back to its inception and he has been a passionate advocate of the cryptocurrency ever since.

In order to bring a greater understanding of Bitcoin to as many individuals and business owners as possible, entrance to the event is completely free for everyone. From August 21st through the 23rd the public is invited to be part of Bitcoin history.

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Montreal Bitcoin Expo
August 21st to the 23rd, 2015
Centre Mont Royal (2200, Mansfield street, Montreal)
Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Guests and speakers include:

Jillian Freidman

As an experienced attorney, Jillian offers legal consultation on the rules and regulations of Bitcoin in Quebec. A well-known advocate for Bitcoin with extensive experience in the field, she is currently a legal consultant for the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy.

Francis Pouliot

As director of public affairs for the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy, Francis works tirelessly to promote and educate the public on Bitcoin matters throughout Quebec and beyond. Recently, he spearheaded a collaboration between the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and the McGill Cryptocurrency Club, by organizing a non-profit event to promote the adoption of Bitcoin by giving students free Bitcoin. Francis and the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy stage numerous such events to spread the use of Bitcoin in the community.

Adam Atlas

A legal attorney in both the Province of Quebec and the State of New York, Adam brings with him his vast experience in helping people understand the laws governing the usage of Bitcoin in Canada and the US.

Alex Preukschat

The author of BITCOIN: The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, the first Bitcoin centric graphic novel. Alex Preukschat brings this cyrptocurrency into a fantastical story of epic intrigue and adventure. This is a must for those who love animated story telling and Bitcoin! To know more about him, the graphic novel and how to buy it click here!

Shawn Wilkinson

Head developer at Storj, a decentralized cloud storage company that uses BlockChain technology to make storing data in the cloud safe,secure and simple to use. He is a known figure in the Bitcoin community and has raised awareness of how the core technology behind Bitcoin is helping improve the world on so many levels!

Louis Sirois

With over 25 years as a legal attorney, his passion and advocacy of this cryptocurrency brings much welcome support to the Bitcoin community

Eric Spano

A finance and technology enthusiast, Eric works as a senior accountant at EY, where he is part of the global digital currency and asset technology team. He is the Founder + CEO of Bylls, Canada's first bill payment website for Bitcoin users, while also acting as the Treasurer for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

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