NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 24, 2015) - Finding work after age 50 can be a challenge for many, but it isn't impossible if you know where to look. While many employers may value youth and energy in a job candidate, others seek experience and acumen that can only come from someone with a little grey on their temples.

With just six weeks since their official launch, registered employers have listed more than 80,000 job opportunities with The positions range from managerial, to clerical and more and prove that suitable job opportunities exist for people aged 50 and older, if they know where and how to look.

Led by a fifty-something executive who experienced great difficulty after losing his job after age 50, the was created to connect employers and Baby Boomer-aged workers seeking gainful employment. The site allows applicants to search for industry-specific jobs and connects them to employers that require a higher level of experience.

"We're seeing explosive growth because there really isn't any other job site that directly connects Baby Boomer candidates with employers that seek their level of experience," said CEO Blake Nations. "No other site enables hiring managers to hire based on wisdom and expertise."

This year's US Government Displaced Worker Survey specifically cited workers aged 50 and older as having the most difficulty in finding employment. The findings found that many Baby Boomers receive fewer offers and experience longer periods of unemployment in today's market. creates an open and honest environment where applicants aged 50 and above can present their work experience without fear of age discrimination. The site helps applicants avoid the muddle of larger job boards and instead connects applicants and employers directly and honestly. The site is free for both employers and applicants and will evolve to a freemium model as they grow.

Unsuccessful job searches prematurely drive Baby Boomers out of the workforce, imperiling their retirement and decreasing their chances for reemployment later in life.

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