SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - August 25, 2015) - This is Part 2 in a series that explores the innovative and highly effective ways that organizations can strengthen their response to a cyber-attack. This series is written by CAPT. Mike Walls, former Commander of U.S. Navy Cyber Readiness and current Managing Director, Security & Operations at EdgeWave.

Most IT professionals will tell you that regular network vulnerability assessments are critical to good network hygiene. They will also tell you that periodic penetration tests are a good idea. But these techniques are only snapshots in time and do not measure or replicate the broader organizational impact of a breach.

The fact is that not even the most heavily resourced cyber defense capability will identify and defeat all adversaries at the network perimeter. Accepting the reality that at some point a hacker will be successful, organizations must prepare for sustaining critical business functions and operations while the Security and IT staffs are pushing the attacker off of the network. So how can a company do this? Let’s walk through a scenario which should answer the question…

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