SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 25, 2015) - Moasis®, a location technology company that is redefining the way brands reach consumers on their mobile devices, today announced the launch of Moasis for Advertisers, the company's unified platform allowing brands, marketers and agencies to fully tap into the power of location technology. With more than 200 customers using its industry-first technology, Moasis reaches 97 percent of U.S. mobile users with 200 billion impressions monthly to deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right place and time. 

Location targeting is predicted to increase to 52 percent of all mobile ad spend in 2018. However, location technology has yet to deliver on its full promise as it is still largely treated as a feature as opposed to a holistic solution. Moasis for Advertisers is the only unified platform in the world to enable true geo-optimization™ of content. The technology organizes all location-related information in a structured manner, and then applies predictive tools with real-time decision and delivery systems to serve exactly the right communication at the ideal time and location to mobile devices.

According to Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, "While there is no doubt point solutions are trending in the industry right now, a platform solution is a much more valuable tool for marketers who are looking to close the gaps and paint a complete and actionable picture of their customer. With a notable demand from customers to receive relevant content at a certain place and in real-time, a platform that unifies predictive location intelligence with mobile device delivery would transform the marketing tech stack and allow brands to drive customer engagement like never before."*

Tomás Ruiz, Partner, Mediaology, LLC added: "We truly recognize the benefits of location-based advertising and the ability it gives brands to reach empowered consumers with timely and relevant content. In partnering with Moasis, we are able to utilize their unique platform and deliver the innovation and conversions we strive to bring to our clients, especially our premise-based accounts."

How Moasis for Advertisers' Geo-Optimization Works
Moasis for Advertisers provides unique location intelligence to marketers by recognizing the consumer is more than just co-ordinates on a map. Moasis' unified Contextual Location Services™ (CLS) platform optimizes the delivery of relevant content by defining location beyond geography including environmental conditions, time and date, prevailing demographics, and past behavior of consumers in that location. Greater location precision is made possible through Moasis' patented Geo-Grid® technology, which offers higher targeting accuracy than the widely used geo-fence.

The platform allows agencies and brands to run campaigns on a global scale, with on-demand support from the Moasis client team, and the highest local relevance. The five essential elements of Moasis for Advertisers include:

  • Single Platform: A round trip system built for real-time interaction
  • Multi-dimensional location intelligence: Defining location in all its dimensions
  • Predictive Analytics: Anticipating the pattern and movement of audiences, and detecting opportunities to direct communications to areas in real time
  • Programmatic decision & delivery: Enabling precision with delivering communications to connected devices at scale and in real-time
  • Effective Attribution: Driving performance beyond the click

According to Ryan Golden, CEO and Co-Founder, Moasis: "We have always recognized the mobile revolution would require a fundamentally different technology to create contextually relevant communications experiences. Today, we're now seeing increasing demand in the market, and that's in response to rapidly rising consumer expectations for personalized relevance as they move through their world. The benefits have been transformative for our clients but as we look towards the future, the need for targeted content goes beyond just brands and marketers -- our technology can serve local businesses, developers, government and any organization where location context is key to delivering a more engaging experience."

Mark Langgin, Partner, GPS Impact added: "In politics, we have a long history of using location to target media with direct mail. Additionally, location is a core component of many voter modeling projects as it is tied to factors like household income. Location targeted mobile advertising with very tight geo-targeting is set to take things to the next level and will be a major piece of many digital campaign plans in 2016. Moasis is one of our primary partners in this space."

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Notes to Editor
Source: Constellation Research, Inc., Analyst Briefing Call, Natalie Petouhoff, July 17, 2015

About Moasis
Moasis is a San Francisco based company creating a world where location intelligence enables communications and services to be delivered in fundamentally new ways. Moasis unifies location data management, predictive intelligence, and real time communications delivery technologies into a single closed loop platform so clients can optimize advertising, content, product, and service experiences with real-time location intelligence. Moasis currently provides mobile display advertising solutions for large brands and agencies, and small businesses.

Moasis was established in 2009 and owns patents in 9 countries for its innovative approach to geo-optimization of content that results in engagement rates up to 4X the mobile industry average. For more information visit

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