LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 25, 2015) - Munchery, the leader in high-quality meal delivery, today announces a partnership with chef Roy Choi to deliver his unique brand of soulful comfort food to people across the country. The new menu items will be unveiled on the Munchery menu in Los Angeles today and rolled out to San Francisco, New York City and Seattle over the next six weeks.

Munchery is uniquely positioned to scale Choi's culinary expertise through its innovative end-to-end delivery model, which pairs a centralized kitchen with cutting-edge culinary technology to make high-quality, chef-prepared meals widely accessible and affordable. The result is a new kind of meal experience that combines the quality of restaurant food with the convenience of home delivery.

"From Kogi to LocoL, Roy has been at the frontline of culinary movements to democratize access to better food," said Nicolas Bernadi, VP of Food at Munchery. "We share a vision to make real food more easily accessible to everyone, everywhere -- and this new partnership is a tangible example of how Munchery can be a platform for chefs to scale their creativity to larger metropolitan areas every day."

The Roy Choi new menu items bring his favorite meals to life on Munchery, introducing consumers across new regions to his acclaimed style of soulful comfort food. Initial items include:

  • Cheezy Short Rib Instant Ramen: Ooey gooey. Slurpy. Trippy. A messy cultural nuclear reaction that represents how I grew up. A child of immigrants who figured out how to switch up instant ramen because sometimes it was all we had in the house. An Asian kid who connected with friends over noodles the way other American kids bond over burgers. A student in his first apartment deciding whether he should get off the couch or not after a long night out. Noodles, cheese, braised short ribs, broth, poached egg. It's my soul food.
  • Kimchi Pork Fried Vice: I grew up with kimchi in the fridge and rice in the cupboard, without a jar of peanut butter or jelly in sight. Eventually I dreamed of paella, fell in love with French butter, and won't ever eat a factory egg again. Memories of Korean dishes cooked at home or eaten in restaurants are mashed together with my growth as a chef and long mornings as a teenager watching PBS cooking shows in this fried rice of my dreams.

"Life seems to be pushing me to continue to find ways to feed more people in fun and affordable ways," said Choi. "When I discovered Munchery, I instantly felt like this could be the future in some way. The great equalizer. Get my food anywhere anytime to anyone. Their infrastructure and technology paired with investing to become a great food company made me a believer. So I'm gonna have some fun and collab with them to bring some of my most iconic dishes to your doorstep at a touch of a button. I hope you love it as we put our all into it and I think they are delicious."

Choi's new menu is available today in Los Angeles on Munchery's website and mobile apps. The menu will launch in San Francisco, New York City and Seattle throughout September.

About Munchery
Munchery is a new kind of food company on a mission to make real food accessible to everyone, everywhere. The team of critically-acclaimed chefs prepares locally sourced meals, delivered chilled to ensure maximum freshness. Munchery currently operates in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Los Angeles, with plans to expand to additional cities. Customers can order on-demand or schedule delivery up to ten days in advance. For every order placed, Munchery feeds a person in need by donating a meal to a local food bank. For more information, visit Munchery's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.