OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 26, 2015) - SDTC is offering the opportunity to get funding for cleantech development projects. The SD Tech Fund™ and the SD Natural Gas Fund™ are open for applications from August 26 to October 14, 2015.

Through the SD Tech Fund™, SDTC supports technologies that address the challenges of Clean Air, Soil, Water and Climate Change, including technology solutions focused on these current technology priority areas:

Responsible Natural Resource Development:

  • Unconventional oil and gas and metals and minerals exploration and development: World-leading sustainability methods and processes to improve the exploration, development and value-added processing of unconventional oil and gas, metals and minerals.

Remote and Northern Community Utility Systems:

  • Northern renewable energy: Adaptation and demonstration of clean and emerging renewable energy technologies and systems for remote Arctic communities.

Energy Efficiency for Industry and Communities:

  • Efficient freight and heavy-duty vehicle transportation: Technologies related to next generation freight and heavy-duty vehicles with reduced carbon footprints, including EV powertrain technologies, vehicle light-weighting, advanced trains, heavy-duty vehicles and aircraft, or technologies related to EV and CNG/LNG infrastructure that will enable broad adoption.
  • Industrial efficiency and productivity: Technologies that encourage resource efficiency in industrial processes.

Next Generation Technologies with Longer-term Benefits for Canada:

  • Combustion-free primary energy conversion technologies: Technologies that convert primary energy sources to carbon-free energy carriers such as steam, electricity or hydrogen without combustion and with negligible emissions or waste production.
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Technologies that reduce the usage of water, increase yield and improve drought resistance of agricultural crops.
  • Biodiversity Protection and Enhancement: Solutions which mitigate biodiversity loss resulting from industrial/human activity.

The SD Natural Gas Fund™, a collaboration with the Canadian Gas Association, focuses on the following priority areas.

  • Residential (small-scale affordable CHP units, ultra-efficient water heaters, technologies that improve the efficiency of residential heating and/or cooling).
  • Commercial (technologies that improve the efficiency of heating systems, measurement and data management to better control natural gas consumption, natural gas cooling systems).
  • Industrial (higher-efficiency industrial heating equipment, CO2 capture systems, less energy-intensive hydrogen production).
  • Power generation (higher efficiency power generation, emissions control technologies, natural gas storage solutions for remote locations).
  • Transportation (more efficient and lower emission natural gas engines, alternative natural gas engines, lower-cost solutions).
  • Renewable natural gas (technologies that improve cleanup economics, cost-effective small-scale anaerobic digesters).

Quick facts

  • On behalf of the Government of Canada, SDTC helps bring Canadian clean technologies closer to market, readying them for growth and export markets.
  • Through its SD Tech Fund™, SDTC helps companies through the critical juncture when capital and scaling costs become challenges and the risk profile deters other investors.
  • The SDTC portfolio is currently comprised of 269 clean technology projects with a total value of $2.5 billion, of which over $1.8 billion is leveraged primarily from the private-sector.
  • The SD Natural Gas Fund™ brings together contributions from Canadian Gas Association members to match contributions from SDTC's SD Tech Fund™, up to a combined total of $30 million over three years.
  • With a portfolio of companies under management valued at more than $2 billion, SDTC is positioning cleantech as a driver of jobs, productivity and economic prosperity.


"Cleantech represents that double bottom line, bringing together environmental goals and economic activity in a way that generates jobs and opportunity across Canada. And what an opportunity it represents for Canada: recent reports peg the Canadian cleantech market at $12 billion. We look forward to working with entrepreneurs and technology developers from all corners of the country to get their cleantech innovations closer to market."

  • Leah Lawrence, President and CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Contact Information:

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Manager, Communications
613.234-6313 ext. 243

Application Process:
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Funding Advisor
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