ST. PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - August 26, 2015) - See Below list of Federal Contractors Needed

US Federal Contractor Registration

Durable Medical Equipment
Textile Manufacturers -- at least 5-7 million per year
Steel Manufacturers -- Need about 10-15 mill per annul for this one
Acoustic Engineering / Soundproofing
Hawaiian Landscape, Construction firms, or Heavy equipment operators / rental generating at least 3-5 million a year
Fiber-optic manufacturers or contractors
Card Access CCTV and physical security and facility support solutions
Fire sprinkler systems
Lumber yards and Timber companies
Elevator and Automatic door companies in DC, New York, Fairfax, or Los Angeles -- 1-3 million 5-10 employees at least
Highway Sign Manufacturing, Rumble Strip contractors, or Runway Strippers Nationwide.
EOD / live fire Training equipment manufacturers
Portable toilet services in North Carolina, Virginia, New Orleans, or wherever there is a current forest fire
Any trucking hauling or excavating companies within the range of active forest fires. (these need to be established enough to make a quick purchase)

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