NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2015) - Aegis Sciences Corporation is pleased to announce that GQ-6™ by Unique Nutritional Supplements, LLC has met the standards of the Aegis Shield Certified supplement certification testing program. This certification demonstrates to athletes and those who care for them that GQ-6 products -- formulated and tested to be clean, safe and effective by giving the body what it needs to perform at peak efficiency -- have passed the strict standards of Aegis Shield Certified.

GQ-6 is a supplementation system specifically designed for the demands that athletes place on their bodies before, during, and after competition. GQ-6 products provide only performance-specific, functional ingredients, in well researched doses. Designed by athletes and PhDs for athletes, all GQ-6 products are made in the USA and are distributed exclusively online and in stores through GNC. The full line of GQ-6 products include FLŌŌĬD™ (Green Apple, Orange, and Tropical Punch flavors), RĒ-FŪL ENERGY™, RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE™, and RĒKÜVR NITE TIME™. The Aegis Shield Certified logo on the product label demonstrates GQ-6's commitment to be free of the 180+ banned substances that are included in Aegis Shield Certified testing panel.

"Aegis has established a strong partnership with GQ-6 through the collaboration of the United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team, and we are pleased to announce GQ-6 as our newest Aegis Shield Certified client," stated Dr David L Black, Founder and CEO of Aegis Sciences Corporation.

For a complete list of GQ-6 product lots that have undergone and passed the standards to use the Aegis Shield Certified mark, please refer to

About Aegis Sciences Corporation
Aegis Sciences Corporation was founded 25 years ago as a sports anti-doping laboratory to support successes achieved without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Today, Aegis continues its mission to promote purity in sport by introducing Aegis Shield, a mobile tool that decodes confusing product labels by identifying ingredients that are banned by various sports organizations, and Aegis Shield Certified, a supplement certification testing program. More information about Aegis Sciences Corporation, Aegis Shield and Aegis Shield Certified can be found at

About GQ-6
Founded in 2014, GQ-6 was created with a team of physiologists, scientists, medical doctors, elite/professional athletes and trusted manufacturers. GQ-6 focuses on simple, clean, and effective ingredients in crisp yet subtle refreshing flavors. The full line of GQ-6 products were designed to be used during every aspect of training -- pre, intra and post. Hydration is the key to optimal athletic performance and the foundation of the GQ-6™ line of products.

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