O'FALLON, IL--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2015) - Bob Corcoran, founder of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching, shares the "Five Dysfunctions of a Real Estate Team" which he outlined at his BootCamp last week in St. Louis to residential realtors who attended from all over the country.

Bob Corcoran is one of the industry's leading consultants and coaches whose clients include 70 of the Top 1000 real estate professionals in the country, with a total of 91 awards, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and REAL Trends 2015 report.

The five dysfunctions are:

1) Absence of trust - When agents and brokers are unwilling to open up with one another about their mistakes.

2) Fear of conflict - When team members are afraid to engage in open, constructive debate.

3) Lack of commitment - When agents and brokers demonstrate no buy-in to the team's vision and goals.

4) Avoidance of accountability - When brokers hesitate to call out agents on poor performance.

5) Inattention to results - When both brokers and agents put their individual needs above the team's collective goals.

Here are the five solutions to these problems:

1) To create lasting trust - Reward agents when they open up and admit their mistakes. Be an example by sharing your own mistakes and how you corrected them. Shakespeare said it best: "To err is human." We all fail. What we often don't do is accept those failings. Yet, when we do accept them, we're immediately back on the road to success because shining a light on them helps us avoid making them again.

2) To overcome fears of conflict - Teach agents how to resolve conflict productively. If this is a weakness, hire a consultant who can demonstrate healthy and practical conflict resolution. When a challenge hits, a good broker will find out who's involved, bring the parties together, brainstorm solutions, choose the best one and then monitor the results.

3) To improve commitment to vision and goals - Open up communications like water from a fire hose between you as the broker and each agent and among all the agents and the support staff. Meet regularly with each agent to see how they're doing. Give them attention and communicate with them often. And communicate the vision and goals regularly.

4) To accept accountability - Make the team's goals and standards well known and institute regular progress reviews and reward team achievement. And embrace professional development like you've never embraced it before. Good agents want to improve at every turn, so help them by scheduling training for your team's needs often.

5) To improve attention to results - Set the tone that results are key and vital to a better future for everyone on the team. Regularly seek and find behaviors that are aligned with results and highlight those behaviors often. And again, communicate. Communicate the team's goals via posters, e-mails, newsletters, meetings, everywhere you can. And celebrate accomplishments with reckless abandon.

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