LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwired - August 27, 2015) - Primary Data today unveiled its storage-agnostic DataSphere data virtualization platform for dynamic data mobility across different storage types, including server flash, SAN, NAS and cloud storage. At VMworld 2015 US, taking place next week, the company will be showcasing how DataSphere unites EMC Isilon, NetApp ONTAP, Intel NVMe and Amazon S3 cloud storage under a single global dataspace. DataSphere achieves an industry first by transforming existing storage tiers from isolated silos pinned to an application, into globally available, infinitely scalable resources that can be accessed as needed by applications. By operating out of band, DataSphere ensures this limitless scalability with no performance or application impact.

"There are $300 billion dollars of existing datacenter storage from various vendors in use around the world, and with DataSphere, the diversity of these different storage silos can finally be connected in a way that allows data to be shared seamlessly in a global dataspace," said Lance Smith, Primary Data CEO. "Uniting existing storage across the enterprise and the cloud on a storage agnostic platform sets the stage for companies to finally focus on managing data, rather than storage silos."

Using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere abstracts data from underlying storage through data virtualization, which makes it possible for applications to see a single global dataspace. This enables DataSphere to give applications, servers, and clients the ability to transparently access data across flash, SANs, NAS, and private and public clouds. In addition, DataSphere features a dynamic policy engine that provides the agility for IT teams to instantly respond to new and changing Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Once policies are set, DataSphere automatically places data on the resource that best meets evolving application requirements, and alerts IT when policies are at risk of noncompliance. Service Level Objectives can be easily changed across different storage types within the DataSphere interface.

The Primary Data VMworld demo at VMworld 2015 US hosts 762 million files utilizing 226TB of storage space, with objectives mapped to Virtual Machine (VM) storage policies through VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA). VMs are created and assigned with storage policies, and automatic remediation of Service Level Objectives maintain policies through dynamic data mobility across the various storage types. DataSphere supports offloaded VM snapshots and clones, and provides the ability to add and remove backup storage without application disruption.

The Primary Data DataSphere platform delivers numerous benefits to create new possibilities that enable enterprises to:

  • Adapt to continually changing business objectives with intelligent data mobility
  • Scale performance and capacity linearly and limitlessly with unique out of band architecture
  • Reduce costs through increased resource utilization and simplified operations
  • Simplify management through global and automated policies
  • Accelerate upgrades of new solutions such as VMware vSphere 6 with seamless migration using existing infrastructure
  • Reduce application downtime with automated non-disruptive movement of data
  • Deliver a full range of data services across all applications in the datacenter

"Even though last week’s hot data quickly becomes cold, today most data is stuck in the same storage silo where it was first created because of the complexity and cost of data migration," said Steve Wozniak, Primary Data Chief Scientist. "This can be an expensive problem that ties up storage resources. Primary Data finally makes it possible to automatically have the right data on the right storage type at the right time, without the need to rip and replace a single storage system."

Attendees of the VMworld 2015 in San Francisco can visit Primary Data at booth 805, August 30 - September 3, 2015 to see live demonstrations of its data virtualization solutions. Primary Data CEO Lance Smith will speak about data virtualization in session STO6184 on Monday, August 31 from 12-1:00 PM PT, and Senior Director of Product Management Graham Smith will speak at session STP6307 on the same date from 3:20-3:40 pm PT. Available this fall as software or integrated in a virtual or dual-node, highly available hardware appliance, DataSphere pricing is available upon customer request.

About Primary Data

Primary Data delivers dynamic data mobility through data virtualization, transforming datacenter architectures by matching data demands with storage supply across a single global dataspace. With the Primary Data DataSphere platform, applications, servers, and clients gain the ability to transparently access data while it is intelligently migrated between direct-attached, network-attached, private and public cloud storage to deliver unprecedented manageability, performance, and efficiency. The storage-agnostic DataSphere platform features an intelligent policy engine that automatically places data on the right resources across file, block, and object storage to meet evolving application requirements in real time. Visit us at www.primarydata.com or follow us on Twitter at @Primary_Data.

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