What Can a Home Security Company Accomplish in Five Years?

Fluent Home Receives Financing From Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - August 31, 2015) - Five years is a short time in the life of any company. Statistics say that 50% of businesses fail within just four years. But in every statistical survey there is always an outlier.

Fluent Home is an outlier in its industry. In a fiercely competitive field, and starting in a down economy, Fluent has managed to break traditional molds and excel. When it comes to home security, Fluent Home is both unique and exceptional.

Instead of failure, Fluent has consistently seen success ever since it began. Now, after reaching the landmark of five years in business Fluent is taking the next step in growing better and deeper than ever.

Fluent Home is pleased to announce it has raised $40 million in growth financing from Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group.

With this funding Fluent is able to keep and service all of its customer accounts, a significant milestone for any company in the security industry. Keeping all accounts will allow Fluent to bring service levels even higher and become the very best in the industry.

Graham Wood, CEO of Fluent Home, said in regards to the funding, "One of the reasons our company has been able to thrive for the past five years is our intense focus on creating a positive customer experience. We are excited for this new step that allows us to extend our amazing customer service to more families than ever."

With the additional funds available Fluent will also be able to offer a wider variety of products and services. In addition, it will expand its service teams to help more households enjoy easy, affordable home technology products.

From humble beginnings Fluent has come a long way. In just a few short years Fluent Home has become the largest privately held home security company in Canada. The company is not chained to quarterly goals or shareholder demands but instead can focus on what is most important: the homes and lives of its customers. The future is bright for Fluent, a true outlier in the security industry.

About Fluent Home

Fluent Home (www.myfluenthome.com) is a leading provider of home security and home automation services. Fluent's product offerings include home automation features such as automatic door locks, connected lights, and video cameras. In addition to home automation features, Fluent proudly serves customers in the U.S. and Canada with 24/7 monitored security alarms. Improving communities and individual lives is at the core of the Fluent culture, and to that end the company dedicates itself to charitable projects both locally and abroad every year.

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