SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 1, 2015) - Jut, the Operations Data Hub for DevOps, today announced the availability of Jut Boards, a new dashboarding application enabling users to create programmable dashboards with tailor-made controls in order to view their operational data in a visually compelling way.

Jut Boards enables anyone in an organization to be their own data analyst, without utilizing code. The application lets users get the most out of their data by taking standard dashboards and adding programmable "input controls" so they can display operational and strategic data in any combination they choose, bringing a flexible, non-prescribed approach where the user has complete control over what they want to see and how they want to build it. By offering the organization a chance to explore the data, users can gain insights that the dashboard's original designer may not have been thinking of.

These live-streaming dashboards are assembled by grouping together visualizations produced by one or more Juttle programs. Juttle -- Jut's own dataflow programming language -- works across log data, metric data, and event data at high scale. It also provides the ability to define analytic inputs programmatically, which control the data the dashboard displays. Since each board is driven by Juttle, data developers control the data they present, with all the flexibility that comes with Jut's unified analytics platform. Data consumers can then interact with the data; filtering based on data types, analyzing using a different mathematical function, or zooming into different time ranges. Boards thereby enables access to Juttle programs without requiring them to use Juttle directly, making the organization's data even more accessible to users who don't know how to code.

"There are plenty of tools and analytics products out there that provide dashboards to let you visualize your data, but the issue is they tend to prescribe how the data should be seen very stringently," said Apurva Davé, VP Marketing & Customer Success at Jut. "Jut prides itself in enabling DevOps teams to dig into their software and ask all the questions they want from their operational data. Jut Boards applies that concept to dashboarding -- making it accessible for broader teams within a company to not only visualize operational data in a presentable manner, but tailor and control the results according to the answers they seek."

Jut is available immediately in open beta, and is downloadable directly from the website There is no cost to use Jut at any scale during the open beta period. For more information, please visit the Jut blog:

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